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6 Causes Of Sexual Performance Anxiety

Several causes can be attributed to sexual performance anxiety. Knowing the causes is one of the best ways to seek the right solutions to the problems too. So let us show you the possible causes which can help you understand the key to this problem.

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Self-Esteem Issues

Some of us have poor self-esteem. This is often one of the key reason as to why you spend a major part of your life doubting yourself, from wondering if you are good enough for the job to dreading your school exam results and wondering if you are worthy of acceptance in any college and even doubting your prowess in bed; you spend your whole life constantly worrying about things you shouldn’t.

So, if you too have been battling self-esteem issues, you must learn to accept who you are and stop meddling with yourself. For once, you have to believe that whoever you are, you are good for yourself and that is all that matters.

Body Image

Some of us owing to being overweight or having an overall unimpressive body might not be confident of great performance in bed. We all know that women crave for super hot males who can turn them on simply by the way they look.

In such cases, being an average guy can sometimes be difficult for them and this leads to sexual performance anxiety too.

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Relationship Woes

If you and your partner do not seem to be tagging along great, it is a warning sign of the problems which you may be facing. This too has the chance to lead to performance pressure and anxiety because mutual respect and comfort are essential when you are looking to have sexual intercourse.

When you are constantly worrying about the partner, the fun goes missing in sex and it is often replaced by stress and worry.

When She Tends To Last Long

If your woman tends to last really long in bed, you might end up developing a fear of it. The fear that you will never be able to satisfy her in bed and give her that world crashing orgasm might kick your anxiety mode which would only make things worse for you.

Otherworldly Stress

Sometimes, being stressed about things other than sex like maybe your work life or even your personal life which may be in tatters is enough to put you out of the comfort zone. Once things go on a downhill ride, you might start to worry about every other thing which in turn could lead to performance anxiety in bed as well.

Lack Of Trust

If you and your partner seem to be having trust issues, your mind could make a hundred stories and this, in turn, is sure to kick the anxiety mode.

This is why establishing the right chord for communication and being transparent in your relationship is vital to having great sex.

These are some of the pivotal factors which are often responsible for people developing performance issues and anxiety related to it. If you seem to be having any of the above problems, you need to learn the finest ways to dodge it. When you do so, it is bound to kick in the right change for you.

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