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The 12 Different Types of Foreplay

Foreplay is the ultimate time to build tension and sexual chemistry between partners. If you lack mind-blowing sex, you should focus on foreplay. Notably, sex is more realistic and complex than what television and movies show. Therefore, when you intimately touch, smell, hear, and taste your partner, they would argue it is better than penetration.

Different Types of Foreplay

Different Types of Foreplay

The following are types of foreplay that you should work on before sex.

  1. Sexy Materials: You can practice foreplay at any time and manner. You do not have to be naked to engage in foreplay. When at home or work, you may watch a sexy movie or read sexy materials. These materials could help you maintain orgasm for hours.
  2. Undressing: If you usually take off your clothes before sex, you might miss a lot of foreplay. Having your fingers hold your partner’s outfits and graze on their body as you undress them is highly stimulating and arousing. Depending on how sensitive they are, you might witness them getting goosebumps.
  3. Vagina Stroking involves putting your hands down and caressing her pants and panties. Light strokes on the region make her wet and stimulated for sex.
  4. Kisses and Caressing: Though kisses do not lead to sex, most sexual activities involve kisses and touching. As part of foreplay, kisses should start slow and intensify gradually. Kisses on the neck and boobs are most arousing for women.
  5. Boob Action: Teases made on their breasts arouse women. Therefore, you should suck, kiss and rub them, taking advantage of the sensitive nerve ending in the nipples. The foreplay should be done in moderation to avoid hurting your partner.
  6. Dry Hump: It involves gently grinding on your partner. It can happen when naked to show how moody you are. Foreplay plays a significant role in heating the moment for intercourse.
  7. Breathing: Yes, you are right; your breath arouses and stimulates your partner, especially in sensitive areas such as your genitals and neck. In this case, bad breath would be counterproductive.
  8. Hands-On: Your hands are a piece of efficient equipment when it comes to foreplay. Using them to grab your partner’s breasts and rub their hair and thighs would be best. In short, use your hands to explore your partner’s body unless they say no.
  9. Oral: If you are okay with giving oral, incorporate it into your foreplay routine. Be gentle by teasing, sucking, licking the clitoris, and allowing time.
  10. Labia Love: As a highly ignored part, labia have numerous nerve endings perfect for arousal and stimulation. You can massage them slowly or hold them gently between your fingers.
  11. Ass: If you and your partner are into stimulation through the anus, you should try it out effectively. The most ignored nerve endings in the anus cause sexual stimulation, especially if gently licked.
  12. Multitask: You may incorporate these techniques and concurrently make different moves. With the perfect combination, you make your partner fantasize with enjoyable sexual stimulation.
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