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The Art Of Deciphering The Female Body Language

A lot of men are always perplexed when it comes to women. They find it very hard to understand what is going in their mind and what do they mean when they utter something ‘in between the lines’.

It is important to understand the female body language as this helps you know if she is in the mood to take things to the next level or she is happy to close this chapter with you. Never pursue a girl in the wrong direction as this could spell all kinds of trouble and could be a big disaster. At the same time, if your woman is giving you signs and you are dumb enough to not pick it, you might waste a golden chance to get laid.

If you do not want to be dumb and neither comes across as a womanizer or leave the chance to get laid, we are here to decipher some of the best body languages for you. Make sure to read carefully and despite these details, know one thing very well- every woman is unique. While these are going to very general guidelines that would apply to women in general, do not forget to use your common sense and level of understanding to see where it goes.

So, are you raring to go?
Female Body Language

Female Body Language

The Eye Effect

Always remember that eyes are the windows to the soul. When you are looking to gauge the reaction of your partner, you need to stay focused on her eyes. We are not asking you to engage in a stare-game with her, but keep an eye out for how she fiddles with her eyes.

Mostly, if a woman is interested in you, she is going to make eye contact with you and at the same time, she is going to flirt with her eyes. Look for the way the eye dances or the way she averts her gaze the moment she catches you looking. At the same time, she would return her gaze to make sure that you got the signal.

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So, let the eyes do the talking. Also, when you want to send a message across too, you should be willing to hold her gaze and then smile with your eyes. This is easier said than done but if you can ace the act; chances are she would already be getting wet in your response.

The Cleavage Show

Not all women to do that, but a majority of them are likely to use their cleavage to showcase how much she likes you. If a woman is getting horny and she too would like to have an excellent roll in the bed with you, she is likely to take off her jacket and pretend it is hot or just subtly flash her boobs and the sexy cleavage a little. If she catches you looking and doesn’t mind the whole thing, the signs are loud and clear, but, be very cautious if she ends up doing this accidentally and finds you preying on her boobs, it might show you off as a pervert and be the final nail on your dating coffin.

The Touch

Women love to fondle and touch too. When you are on a first date and you are still wondering what the signs are, look out for the way she is touching you. When women are not likely to engage in a second date, they are likely to keep their distance. She may keep her hands to herself or rest them on her lap. If she tries to keep her hands away from the table and is not even meeting you in the eye, you have every reason to have your heartbroken.

However, if she is not shy to reach across the table and maybe she subtly brushes your hands, it is proof that she might just be interested in you. At the same time, if you feel that she is leaning over you and maybe trying to caress you or doesn’t shy from rubbing your hair or even taking a look at your stubble, you have every reason to grin because the odds are high that you are soon to be laid.

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The Leg Style

At the same time, when you are gauging the response of a woman, you have to be mindful of the way she reacts with her legs too. If she is aloof and is doing little with her legs, you have to believe that she might not be into you.

But, if her legs are doing a little bit of magic and she seems to be crossing and uncrossing them and at the same time, she is also opening up her knees and touching you with her legs, gets your hopes pinned up.

Even little signs like letting her heels hang off the ground or fiddling with her legs and trying to slowly and subtly raise her to skirt a little or flashing you a little of her insides; these are all positive signs.

Cheeky Cheeks

When a woman is flirting, it is always on the face. Do you catch her blushing, or do you feel that her cheeks are turning a shade pink or even red? Do you feel that she is nervous enough to give you good vibes? If you feel any of it, the odds are high that you are in for a treat during the night.

The way you perceive her behavior is very important and it tells a lot about how she feels about you too. However, an important point which we want to add here is that men tend to get carried away a bit too quickly.

If you feel that you aren’t sure about her body language, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions right away. You must be careful in your analysis because the last thing you want is to put off the woman you are dating simply because you messed it up all in your head.

Sometimes subtle but clear hints like, “so when am I going to see you again”, “I hope we meet real soon again”, “it is going to be hard to not think of you” can work better than the guessing game.

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So, while we want you to zone in on all the above points and become an expert at gauging the female body language, you have to show a sharp presence of mind and calm composure too. The tendency to jump to quick conclusions might hurt you a lot.

Now that you have these details underway, it should be easier for you to decide what seems to be the apt way. If you feel that your partner is sending the right signals, slowly make a move and see how she reacts. You could try things like holding her hand and then going for a slight peck on the cheek.

If you get a positive response in return, move a little sideways and plant a kiss on her lips before locking it in and making it steamy.

If both of you can get a room, you could then let the heat and passion build up and let your hands roam all over her body. When the passion kicks in real strong, the rest of the action is sure to follow and you would not need our guidance and details to move further.

But, if you feel that she is not in the mood and not interested in you, be a gentleman and do not push through your luck. It makes no sense to hit on someone who is not meant to be yours.

Women have a thing for men who know how to carry themselves and command respect wherever they go. So, be that gentleman and then the passion and heat are sure to build up with the right partner.

So, these are some of the different tips which you should bear in mind, but, as we told you, it all boils down to that moment and that woman who is sitting beside you. Use your knowledge and implement these tips in the right manner.

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