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The Art Of Foreplay

Never underestimate the power of foreplay. It is a very strong way to pull some of the best orgasms of all time. Foreplay is the most beneficial to women as it helps them climax in a much better manner. There is no surprise about the fact that often penetration alone isn’t sufficient for women to orgasm. So, when you engage in foreplay, it will pulsate the right hormonal action in your body and thereby take your sexual drive to the very pinnacle point. The surge of desire and the increase in lubrication is likely to help women achieve a deeper and more satisfying level of vaginal orgasm.

The Art Of Foreplay

The Art Of Foreplay

Feel Free To Experiment

Don’t forget the clitoris. When we are looking to enjoy the best level of sexual stimulation, the clitoris is surely one of the top organs which you need to focus on. It has plenty of nerve endings and is often considered to be one of the most sensitive and top erogenous zones in your body. When it is stimulated in the right answer, it can trigger a very strong sexual response in your body and along with vaginal orgasms, you may experience a strong joined orgasm in the body.

Ideally, when you are looking to stimulate the clitoris; you could use your fingers, tongue, and even the best of sex toys as well. It is upon you to choose the right kind of pressure and force which should be applied to ascertain how the clitoris is best stimulated.

The Kegel Exercises

We all know how amazing Kegels are. With the right application of Kegel exercise, you can prevent leaking of the bladder. At the same time, there are several other benefits that Kegel exercises seem to aver. You can strengthen the pelvic muscles a great deal when you indulge in Kegels. This is turn has a direct impact on boosting the kind of sexual arousal you feel. Along with this, the kind of strong contractions which you will feel during sex will multiply manifold. There are shreds of evidence which hint that Kegels are known to improve the blood circulation to your vagina as well. So, for better sex life, Kegels surely can come in handy.

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Spotting The Perfect Position

The key to getting the perfect orgasm is to experiment and find the perfect position for it. You have to understand that the mechanics for orgasm and the exact position differs from one woman to another. While some of them may prefer a certain position, others may not. This is why when you are engaging in an act of passionate steamy sex, you will have to take your time to understand your partner’s body and be willing to experiment.

Try and involve different positions and styles and find the pressure, position, and style which tend to stimulate your woman in the best possible manner. For most couples, doggy style is known to be a great way to help your woman climax. If that isn’t working in your case, you could also try out the woman on top position. In this position, you have the maximum chance of stimulating the much-hyped G spot.

This is not all as there are endless positions and styles which you can try out. The key here is to be passionate enough to keep trying until you find the perfect way by which you can achieve the best level of stimulation.

Communication Is The Key

While different people may have varying perceptions about this; we strongly believe that sex has a lot to do with communication. You need to establish the right commutation channel with your partner.

Letting your partner know what the touch is doing to your body, how you are feeling, and what you would further like him to do is a great way to set the momentum and keep it going. Most men prefer to have the kind of woman in bed that is proactive enough to take lead and command them to do things to them. This, in turn, helps them get in the right action mode and it can help you achieve better orgasm as the sex could be a whole lot more intense.

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Talk about the sexual fantasies which the two of you have and be willing to put them in action. Often, it is a great way to get horny and this will help you get closer to your orgasm.

Setting The Tempo Right

Not everyone loves to have a fast go when it comes to sex and similarly, not everyone is in for the slow and sensual mode either. This is why as a couple you both need to find the tempo which suits you the best. Often, we have seen that it is the combination of slow and fast which works wonder. Men should start in slow rhythmic movement and then suddenly pick up once and go for rapid strokes which should increase the vigor and make her body pulsate. You could suddenly switch gears and go for slow turns and this could trick her body and push her towards her climax.

Going too fast may make you ejaculate even before your woman has started to feel anything. So, you have to decide well as to what works best for the two of you. You can only do so with the help of successful experimentation.

It all boils down to being ready and excited enough to keep trying different things until you get the combination right.

Don’t Forget The Lubricant

Regardless of how self-lubricating the vagina is, the lube is surely a piece of wonder. When we are talking of sex, you should be willing to slather lube as this allows for easy penetrative sex and also helps you push your penis deep inside the vagina.

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Lubricants not only help in adding the required level of moisture but at the same time, it ensures that the sexual sensation which you will feel will appear much more natural and smoother. It also helps you enjoy the whole sexual experience in a much more relaxed manner.

Sometime, the art of applying lube could be incorporated in the foreplay and this too might become a passionate and sexy act for the two of you. You could implement fingering in the mechanism of applying lube and this often sets the right tempo and mood for you both to enjoy later.

When you are trying to conceive, it is important to check the lube thoroughly. Not all of them are safe for conception and being mindful of this is recommended.

The Mind Game

In the end, it is all about what the mind is thinking. Until and unless, you allow your mind to relax and be at ease, you might not feel the urge to indulge in sex and have the wildest orgasms of all time.

Let go of stress, guilt, or any other palpable tension which you may be having. Sex is the kind of activity which has the power to consume you in its whole. So, you should be complexly freed of otherworldly stress and submit your body to this ultimate level of pleasure.

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