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5 Techniques to Postponing Your Ejaculation

Nature made is such that women are fortunate enough to experience prolonged orgasms that come in waves. A man’s orgasm, on the other hand, is brief but explosive, lasting anywhere from 5-7 seconds at a time. Men would love if this feeling could last longer than a couple of seconds no doubt, but so far, there’s no tried and true method to keep the orgasm going for longer. One study reveals that between the age of 18 and 60, at least 30% of men within this age group will prematurely ejaculate at some point. It may not always happen, but when it does, it is characterized as ejaculation happening within a minute of penetration most of the time. 

Postponing Your Ejaculation

Postponing Your Ejaculation

The good news is, there are ways you can delay it. You may not be able to prolong the sensation, but you can prolong the pleasure and delay the orgasm enough so you last longer

To delay what inevitably is going to happen, a man needs to get as close to the threshold as possible, and then halt. Stop the stimulation, breathe, and relax all the muscles around the lower back and perineum. Wait until the sensation has passed before you begin the stimulation again. It sounds easy enough in theory, but it takes considerable effort, mental and emotional discipline, and a lot of willpower for him to pull himself back from the brink of sexual bliss.

The trick to making this technique work is to reach the highest state of excitement right before he is about to ejaculate and then forcibly pull back. By withholding himself from the pleasure, he is opening the door for even greater levels of excitement the next time he is stimulated. Keep the cycling going by reaching high and then pulling back as many times as possible until he can finally take no more. The best way to practice this technique is when you’re masturbating alone. Do what you would normally do to self-stimulate, come close, and then pull back. See how many times you can repeat the process until you finally release all that pent up energy and ejaculate with gusto.

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Other techniques you could try include:

  • Squeeze It – To bring your happy ending to a halt, try squeezing the shaft of your penis right before you’re about to ejaculate. Give it a good squeeze between your thumb and forefinger, but to the point where it’s causing you pain. The act of squeezing it is going to minimize your erection slightly so you can spend more time going at it with your partner. 
  • The Diversion – When you’re about to reach your peak, let your mind wander and distract it from the sensation that you feel in your nether regions. Distraction and diversion shift your mind and your body away from the focus of peaking too early. 
  • Breathe Deeply – To successfully mitigate your ejaculation, breathe from your diaphragm when  you’re making love to your partner. This technique is referred to as “diaphragm breathing” or “belly breathing.” When you’re about to come, your breathes tend to be shorter, sharp, and shallow which will cause your heart rate to spike. By controlling your breathing with deep, measured, in and out breaths, you’re actively regulating the sensations you feel through mindful awareness, allowing you to focus on controlling your ejaculation.
  • Spray It to Delay It – If all else fails, there’s always the option of using topical sprays to help you delay the process. These sprays are applied at least 10-minutes prior to sex and directly on the penis. Spritz it a couple of times, and you’ll be ready to go strong for the next 30 minutes or so. Maybe even 60 minutes for some men.

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