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Using Lube For Enhanced Sexual Fun

It is a common saying that when you use lubricants (lube), it ends up easing the agility with which you have sex. There are plenty of couples who suffer from the problem of vaginal dryness.

Despite using all methods of stimulation and foreplay; it is common among women to not be completely wet. When the vagina is still dry, pushing the penis inside the hole could be both painful and tedious. It also tends to suck the fun out of sex.

Using Lube For Enhanced Fun

Using Lube For Enhanced Fun

So, as a top remedy for this solution, you need to embrace the use of lubricants. When used in the right manner, it tends to make the passage slippery and wet and allows for easy gliding of the penis in the hole and thereby offers a much better climax and earth-shattering orgasm as well.

  • How often do you use lubricant when having sex?
  • Do you love the way things get slippery when you are trying to push your penis inside her vagina?
  • Are you suffering from dryness and looking for a handy solution that can help you have sex with ease?
  • Would you like to explore further the world of lubricants and find a befitting option that can help you enjoy sex better?
  • What is your opinion about lubricants?
  • How has your experience been as far as using lubricants are concerned?

With these many questions, you would have a better picture of how much you love lubricants and why you need to opt for them.

So now that we have explained as to why lubes are a great option, let us dive deeper into the details.

The Types Of Lube

Ideally, the type of lube which you can use for sex can be broadly categorized under the following subheads.

  • Water-based
  • Silicone-based
  • Oil-based
  • Hybrid which uses a combination of the above
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Let us explore the details of each of the lube type and you will then be in a better position to decide the one which will be apt for your use.

Water-Based Lubes

These lubes are very versatile and can be used with almost all kinds of sex toys. Not only this, but you can also apply them on top of condoms, regardless of whether they are latex or non-latex. It is also believed that applying lube on condom curtails the risk of breakage.

There are plenty of lubes which are water-based and they are a great choice but we won’t recommend it for those who have extra sensitive skin.

Silicone-Based Lube

These are mostly meant for those with very sensitive skin. As silicone is mostly known to be hypoallergenic, it is likely to not lead to any reaction or even secondary infections. However, be careful not to use it with silicone sex toys as the silicon may corrode the surface and render the sex toy unsuitable for further use. If your toy is silicone-based, you are better off using a water-based lube. For everything else, silk lube might be a great choice.

Also, if you tend to use the same toys with multiple partners, water-based lube is better than silicone ones as silicone may not completely wash off.

Oil-Based Lube

This is for the adventurous ones who want to do all they can for the sake of having great sex. There is no doubt that oil-based lubes are sure to give you an extra thrill and they also end up being a great choice for those who want to go on and on. However, when using it with a latex condom, the chances of tear could be very high. Along with this, it is also likely to lead to higher infection rates as well.

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But there is no denying the fact that it could take the fun too many notches higher.

Hybrid Lube

As the name implies, there is some lube which tends to be a mix of water, silicone, and oil. You need to read the bottle carefully to know what you are getting into. While these lubes are good, it is upon you to decide what is it that you want and wishes to experiment with.

If protection is a real cause of concern, we would ask you to stick to water-based lubes.

How To Use Lube In The Right Manner?

Now that we are done talking about the type of lubes, we are going to shift our focus on using them in the best manner.

First of all, we want to let you know that slathering lube is no rocket science. Once you get a hang of it, you could do it in your sleep. When you are masturbating, you are free to use lube.

All you have to do is apply it on your hands and then rub it slowly on your genitals before picking up speed and advancing the motion. When you feel that you have slathered enough, you can then start with your masturbation sessions. Both men and women are likely to feel a great positive change when they masturbate with lube.

Similarly, when you are engaging in sex, you could apply lube during the sex sessions or when you are engaging in foreplay, oil-based lubes work as a great massage option and your partner could give you a steamy foreplay session and apply it all on your genital.

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Alternately, you could also have it in your vagina right before penetration or even during fingering. The idea merely is to make sure that you enjoy the right level of comfort and at the same time, speed up enough to hold the right kind of pressure that can make your body climax.

So, there aren’t a lot of rules which you need to follow. The sole thing to take care of has to be the fact that it should be safe for use and should help you maximize the kind of fun you are having.

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