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How Men Think About Sex and What They Really Want

It’s no secret that men view sex from an entirely different perspective. A common misconception is that men are into sex only for their benefit and pleasure. That’s not always the case (depending on the man, of course). If you let them, most men want to help their lovers achieve orgasm and enjoy sex as much as they do. It’s easy to assume that all men are the same, but that’s an unfair stereotype. 

While every man is different, some of the common themes about a man’s general perception of sex include the following:

Men Think About Sex

Men Think About Sex

It’s A Physical Thing 

For men, the desire for sex is physical, and given the high levels of testosterone in their bodies, it is easy to see why. This hormone is responsible for driving them to express their sexual needs. When an erection springs forth at even the slightest hint of provocation in younger men, that’s the testosterone at play. Men are visual creatures, and the mere sight of his partner coming out of the shower naked or getting dressed is enough to cause a physical reaction in his body. 

They Are Hungry for It 

It’s not an exaggeration to say men crave sex the way anyone would crave for food when they are hungry. There’s a strong physical need within them to have this craving fulfilled. A day wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have your meals, and that’s what a man feels like about sex. If they could have it every day, they would love to. Sex quite literally satisfies their carnal appetite. 

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It’s Energetic 

All those raging hormones in his body are infusing him with energy. The prospect of having sex is exciting to him, and it is what keeps him going throughout the day, pushing through an otherwise mundane routine to get the day over with if he knows his partner is waiting for him at home ready to fulfill is lustful fantasies. To a man, especially a young man, a sexual counter is a thrilling new adventure. His body thrives on the pleasure he derives from sex and it will never be enough, even if he had sex every day. Since a man’s orgasm is a lot easier to achieve than a woman’s, every position, rhythm, role-play, smile, image, innuendo, shapely body and fantasy is an opportunity for sexual gratification. Whether he’s fantasizing about it or if it’s happening for real, the excitement derived from any sexual-related experience is enough to cause a spike in his brainwaves.  

It’s How He Shows/Gives Love Too 

This is one of the few things men and women have in common in this department. With the right lover, sex is how a man shows his love. He loves knowing that he could satisfy his lover in bed and make her beg for more. He loves being the one who is responsible for the pleasure that they felt together when they were making love. In his heart, a man wants his lover to feel as much exquisite pleasure as he does and he’s willing to put in the work if it means a chance to bring her to a climax.

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When It’s Love, It’s Home 

There’s no experience quite like making passionate love to someone you’re in love with. For a man, the sexual release is akin to the feeling of coming home. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, there’s no place like home to make it all better, and sex with someone he loves is the embodiment of those emotions. Lovemaking is the way a man and a woman come together to form a deep, meaningful attachment built on love and trust. Women crave for the emotional connection to feel safe. For men, it is the sexual connection they have with their lovers that gives them that same sense of security. 

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