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The Woman on Top Position

With the woman on top, she is more easily able to control the amount of stimulation her clitoris is getting and her partner gets to gaze at her beautiful body.

woman on top

woman on top

It also allows him to take a break from thrusting and may help to prevent premature ejaculation. Though it may take some time for the woman to adjust to being in the dominant position and get her stamina up and her rhythm down, both partners will usually find this scenario is a win-win.

While the most common is just the basic missionary flipped over, though the man’s legs are still between the woman’s, there are other variations.

Empowering, satisfying, vulnerable, creative, and edgy—all these adjectives and more can be applied to positions where the woman is on top. Often portrayed as either goddess or slut, a woman may have a difficult time assuming both manifestations in one body. Sometimes women want to be controlled and sometimes they want to be the one in charge. Assuming the top position can have the effect of bringing out the powerful animal passion in any woman. Men will get more of what they want with such a multiflavored lover.

It’s a wonderful lover who will allow the woman her full repertoire of sexual expression. However, women themselves collude with social mores by holding back their sexual energy. It’s difficult to overcome the training that the family, community, religion, and culture have put us through. Personal fears often keep women from exploring a fuller range of possibilities when it comes to sexuality. If you haven’t tried any of the many top positions, now is the time to try. Be gentle with yourself, and be sure to tell your partner of any vulnerable feelings you are experiencing.

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As the lovemaking progresses, you can move through each one of these variations one by one, like a dance. You can perfect this dance by staying aware and limber. Take the lead sometimes, and let your partner lead at other times. Remember to use your hands liberally to caress your partner. The more loving your touch, the more total the experience.

Variations of the Woman on Top Position

The basic configuration for the range of woman on top positions is for the man to be lying on his back and the woman to straddle him, but there are many variations to this basic position—for instance, the woman can be facing forward, sideways, or backward. The majority of these positions call for the woman to be facing forward so that there’s eye contact, and the couple may kiss and speak to each other. The forward types are also the best for G-spot stimulation. With the woman on top, the man can have his legs flat along the bed or bent, with knees pointing up. The woman can experiment with any of the following variations:

Fluttering and Soaring Butterfly

This position, described in the Kama Sutra, is performed with the woman’s feet on the bed. This allows the woman to raise and lower herself onto the man. The woman is in control of the rhythm, depth of thrusting, speed, and angle of penetration. It takes strong thighs to maintain this position for a length of time. The man can use his hands to help support the woman and guide her timing.

Woman Upright, with Knees on the Bed

This modification of the butterfly position offers a great range of motion because the woman can move up and down as well as forward and backward. She is closer to her partner’s face and is often supporting herself with one or both hands. It is possible for her to use one of her hands to caress her lover’s face and body.

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Remember that even if a new position looks like a lot of fun, what really matters is how it feels to you and your partner. Be sure to communicate throughout the entire process. You can always adjust a position based on how you and your partner feel about it.

Both Legs Straight Out in Front

This position is a little more challenging. The woman will have to use her hands to support herself while moving up and down. Try sliding back and forth on your man, but be careful not to hurt him, especially if you are average to large in body size. Try this one facing away from your man, too.

Leaning Down over the Man’s Chest, with Knees on the Bed

This particular position is a good one for clitoral stimulation because the two of you can rub against each other, as in the CAT position. The woman can guide her lover to apply maximum friction where she needs it most.

Alternating Feet

In this position, the woman has one leg with the foot on the bed and the other leg with the knee on the bed. This is a good option for women who prefer stimulation of one side of their vagina or G-spot over the other. It’s also very powerful for the woman to put her hand under the man’s buttocks on the side with the foot on the bed. She can gently pull him closer and rock him back and forth.

Lying on Top

In this position, the woman lies on top of the man, moving up and down in order to stimulate her clitoris.

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Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, the woman sits on top of the man, with her back to him. This allows the woman a wide range of movement

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