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The Four Phases Of Female Arousal

The concept of female arousal was first explained by William Masters and Virginia Johnson in 1966.

Phase 1- Arousal.

Here, the woman starts to WANT to have sex. This is indicated by

  • faster heartbeat
  • blood travels more to her erogenous parts
  • heavy and faster breathing
  • sweaty hands.

Phase 2- Plateau.

She enters this phase RIGHT BEFORE she comes. Her eyes close, and her body starts shaking. During this phase, nothing else exists in her world. She is losing herself in the moment, anticipating the orgasm. This stage lasts for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.  The longer you can keep her in this stage, the more powerful her orgasm will be.

Phase 3-Orgasm

Here, she comes once, or if you’re doing it right, multiple times. Most women are in this phase for only 30 seconds.

Phase 4-Cool Down

This comes right away orgasm ends, but she’s still aroused in this state. This means it’s still easier to bring her back to the plateau and orgasm phase. She will be in the arousal phase for 85% of the sex, always WANTING. You must make her earn phase 3.


To maximize her pleasure, take her the plateau, only to bring her back to the arousal, and again to the plateau, and again back to arousal until you (once again) take her to plateau, and FINALLY make her orgasm.

The back and forth teasing will make her GO CRAZY in love with you and your dick.

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In the cooling down period, you can wait for 5-10 minutes, during which you can do some pillow talk to build a deep connection with her. The thing is, the slightest distraction can turn women off and spoil the experience that you two have in bed.

This is because sex is more of a psychological experience for women than it is a physical experience.  So no, your beer cans and takeaway boxes will not turn her on, and neither will your clothes lying around.

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