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Afterplay is Crucial and Here’s Why

Post-coital depression is an original condition. This happens when one or both partners feel unhappy after sex. The feeling of “emptiness” inside them for reasons they may not always be able to explain can be aggravated if they feel neglected after sex. This is where afterplay comes in as an opportunity to help each other alleviate those feelings by spending a few quiet moments bonding together. Even if it is for only 5 minutes, it’s better than not doing it. 

Afterplay is Crucial and Here s Why

Afterplay is Crucial and Here s Why


No matter how long you’ve been together as a couple, it would help if you still worked on strengthening your bond. Many couples get complacent after being in a relationship for a long time, and spending time supporting and nurturing their connection falls by the wayside. Post-coital depression can be staved off when both partners try to reconnect after the physical and emotional experience they’ve just shared. A study conducted in 2014 even reinforced the fact that couples who spent time engaging in after-play reported greater levels of sexual satisfaction. 

A couple engages in erotic fantasies and role play when having sex together, taking on different personas in bed, dirty talking, and doing things they may not normally do if they’re feeling adventurous. Afterplay allows these couples to step back after it’s over and remind each other that they are there for each other. Women are particularly vulnerable and must be reassured that their partners are interested in more than sex or that they can satisfy them in bed. 

Afterplay is not just necessary; it’s vital to the happiness of your relationship because:

  • It Cultivates A Healthier Relationship – Afterplay that involves a lot of communication can have an immensely positive impact on the relationship. Since this is when couples are at their most vulnerable, they’ll be a lot more likely to share their deepest, most intimate thoughts with their lovers, which only brings them closer together as a couple. 
  • Your Bond Grows Stronger – Sure, you may bond in other ways when you’re not having sex (spending time together, going on dates, etc.), but the bond that happens after sex is different. This is the time when couples are emotionally raw and vulnerable. A time when their guard is down, and they bare their soul in a way they don’t normally do. The cuddling, kissing, and caressing during this time brings you closer together mentally, emotionally, and physically in a way that can’t be replicated outside the bedroom. 
  • It Gives Her Time to Cool Her Body Down – Men can cool their bodies down within minutes, but women need longer to cool off after sex. When a man’s body has returned to normal, women probably still crave intimacy. Afterplay is a way to help her out and show her that you still care about her needs by showering her with intimacy until her body has had enough time to cool down and return to normal. 
  • Sex Becomes More Enjoyable – The University of Kansas researched sexual behaviors and discovered that women find foreplay and afterplay more enjoyable than actual intercourse. The study indicated that when a woman knows that the foreplay and after play will be enjoyable, she’s likely to reciprocate more during intercourse, hence better sex every time. 
  • It Paves the Way for More Sex – Sometimes, massaging or kissing your partner, trailing your fingers along the curves of their bodies, and whispering how incredible you think they can lead to another round of foreplay and sex. It’s slow and sensual but effectively paves the way for longer sex marathons and multiple orgasms
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