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What Are Erogenous Zones?

When the Kama Sutra was written, very little was understood about the full scope of the pleasure centers
to be found throughout the body.

Erogenous zones are areas of the body with heightened sensitivity that elicit a sexual response. The human
body is covered with these “hot spots,” but the reaction to having them stimulated can run anywhere
between slight titillation to intense arousal. Caressing certain erogenous zones may inspire soft moans of
comfort, while others could lead to an explosive orgasmic response.

Erogenous Zones

Erogenous Zones

As a starting point, I’d like to give you some “driving directions” to several points of interest. Don’t forget to
visit both sides of the body equally! I’ll also include some Kama Sutra positions that allow for easy access to
these erogenous zones.


With such close proximity to the brain, any stimulation of the head and face will send immediate sparks to
the pleasure centers in the brain which, in turn, explode throughout the entire body.

Touching the scalp with gentle fingers is a great way to get the blood flowing for both partners. The area
around the eyes is also very sensitive; feather-light kisses on the eyelids can send shudders of ticklish teases
through the body.

When it comes to the face, you can tap tiny kisses with your lips down the length of your partner’s nose
or kiss and caress both cheeks while holding your partner’s face in your hands. Beyond the inside of the
mouth, pay attention to the outside area by tracing the outside of your partner’s lips with your tongue.
For the ears, you can touch your lips and tongue along the full curve of the ear, biting gently on the earlobe
and using your breath for added stimulation on the outside.

Another way to excite your partner is to gently touch along the line of your partner’s chin with your lips
as you make your way to the neck. Kiss one side while gently caressing the other, giving attention to the
back of the neck as well as the throat. Even a light breath can create erotic sensations. And don’t forget
the sensitive skin around the collarbone, where you can trail your kisses before moving onto another
erogenous zone.

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The strongest part of the body, the back also holds a lot of tension. The erogenous zones are more spread out here, but when you locate the hot spots, they are immensely pleasurable.

You can start by gently kissing or touching the shoulders, moving from one to the other. You can also move your fingers or lips down the backside of the arms to send tingling sensations through the upper body.

Placing a kiss in the middle of the upper back and slowly making your way down the spine with warm, gentle kisses to the tailbone can be a real turn-on for your partner. You can get creative by using your tongue in zigzag motions up and down the spine.

Another way to explore your partner’s back is to move up the body again and leave a trail of kisses along one side of the back while watching your touch with soft fingers on the other side of the back.

For the buttocks, take your time to give them your full attention. Move from the hips down the side of the buttocks, over each cheek, and down into the sweet crevice. Whether this exploration leads you to the rosebud is for you and your partner to decide.

Behind the knees is one of the most forgotten erogenous zones and yet one of the most pleasurable. You can explore that by gently massaging the area with your two thumbs in circular motions.

Though the ability to use your lips will be limited, you can definitely explore these hot spots with your fingers. The woman can reach around and massage these areas on the man .

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Other than the head, the area on and around the nipples has one of the largest concentrations of erogenous zones on the body outside of the genitals.

You can delicately kiss your partner’s clavicle and move your lips carefully down the line between the breasts. Moving from this middle position toward the armpit, you can also pause to sweetly brush the highly sensitive nipples and the areas around them.

Take a moment to teasingly drag your fingers under your partner’s arm before heading down the arm with light touches of the fingers and lips, from the shoulder to the elbow to the forearm.

The elbows are often a neglected erogenous zone, so explore it by running your fingernails around the inner elbows and planting some kisses along the way.

The hands are full of erogenous zones, so give them special attention. Place a kiss on the palm and trace each finger with your tongue, dipping into the creases. Kiss the backside of the hand and blow a warm breath across the flesh.

You can then rise back up and move across the chest to pause on the other nipple on your way to the other armpit before repeating the same motions on the other side, all the way down to the fingertips.  Another exploration is to move your fingers and lips down your partner’s chest, paying attention to the navel. For some, it is a very erotic place to have stimulated. Be sure to check in with your partner to get feedback.

You can also move your fingers and tongue below your partner’s navel carefully, from one side of the waist to the other, and then plant kisses all over the tummy. This area is also known as the seat of emotion, so if it makes your partner laugh, it’s a positive response that will release feel-good endorphins.

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Lower Body

Basically the epicenter of erogenous pleasure, the groin is a feast of hot spots to be explored. The legs and feet offer an additional array of pleasure centers, as they literally carry the weight of the body all day. You could spend hours exploring your partner’s body below the waist and never find all of the hot spots that lay hidden in this area of the body.

One way is to touch your lips sweetly in mini steps leading from the hip down to your partner’s ankle. You can also take the foot in your hand and use your thumbs to explore the pressure points on the underside, with an extra massage into the arch  of the foot (which is sure to arouse a moan of gratitude). Give each toe and the space between them a moment of attention before continuing the kissing trail on the inner thigh.

As you move up, take time to lift your partner’s leg as to give you access to the back of the legs. The calves are sensitive to touch, so you can massage them while resting them in your lap or on your chest to create more sensuality.

When your tour of the inner thighs leads you to the genitals, avoid the temptation to abandon the journey and give the other leg and foot equal attention. You can caress the inner thighs teasingly and kiss them as you feel your partner’s arousal build.

A major erogenous zone that’s often passed over is the mons, or the area above the genitals where the pubic hair grows. You can massage the mons with the palm of your hand and then make out with it as if you were kissing your partner’s mouth passionately. This can be an arousing prelude to sexual intercourse.

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