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How to Make Her Scream While You’re Inside Her

After reading this and the next time you’re in bed together, give your woman an explosive lovemaking session she will never forget!  It may be difficult for a lot of women to achieve the Big O through penetration, but it’s not impossible, and here’s how you do it:

How to Make Her Scream While You're Inside Her

How to Make Her Scream While You’re Inside Her

  • Kiss Her : Kiss her softly, kiss her hard. Kiss her with deep passion because it’s all about the intimate connection for her woman. Connect with her and her body will succumb to you.
  •  Cuddle her instead of straddling her right away. When you’re spooning while you’re thrusting, it’s easier to stimulate the rest of her body and increase her arousal. Gently tug her hair if she likes to feel dominated, know her pleasure points, massage her breasts and use your fingers to tease her nipples until she’s gripping her fingers into your back and shoulders, crying out with pleasure.
  • Focus on every aspect of her body. Run your hands all over her body when you’re on top of her and thrusting into her. Glide your hands from her neck, over her breasts and all over the beautiful, soft curves of her body. Spank her on her butt, lift her up, turn her over, change positions when she least expects it. Once your hand reaches her clit, rub it while you’re still thrusting in and out of her. Start with light pressure at first and then increase it as she gets closer to her orgasm.
  • Talk Dirty: If she’s into it and so are you, dirty talk can add a little heat to your lovemaking session. A woman needs to feel desired. Do a good job of that and she’s not going to orgasm once, but multiple times throughout the session. Tell her how soft and delicious her lips feel. Tell her how unbelievably nice and right she feels around your shaft.
  • Noises are sexy: Let her know you’re getting as much pleasure out of this as she is by vocalizing. Moan, pant, growl in her ear how sexy and beautiful you think she is. Make it clear that she’s driving you insane with pleasure.
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