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6 Tips to Achieve Better Female Orgasms

Pleasure is different for everyone and you shouldn’t believe everything that you watch in porn. Getting an orgasm is a unique experience for each woman and it is still very much an area of mystery for both sexes. Believe it or not, women don’t need to climax to be sexually happy and satisfied by their lovers. Too much pressure is placed on women achieving orgasm the way a man does, which is practically at every sexual encounter. Men feel pressured when their partner doesn’t orgasm, and it makes him question his capabilities, while women feel pressured enough to fake an orgasm because they don’t want to disappoint their partners. This might have something to do with the innate fear we all have about being “rejected” if we fail to live up to the sexual expectations placed upon us. Needless to say, this is going to be an orgasm killer for many women. 

Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm

Not helping matters is the taboo that has been surrounding the subject of women and self-exploration for a long time. The notion that “good girls” don’t touch themselves in that way has made many of us feel uncomfortable and even ashamed of our natural desires. Female sexual pleasure is one of the least talked about subjects, but it is a subject you need to start embracing. Sexual satisfaction can only be achieved (alone or with your partner) when you know what works for you. 

  1. Take as much time as you need getting to know your body. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers and a couple of toys during your exploration process.
  2. Explore stimulating and putting pressure on your clitoris and see how you feel. 
  3. Touch your body all over when you’re in the shower and explore every inch and hidden crevice in detail. It’s an exercise in getting to know your various body parts. 
  4. Wear a blindfold when you masturbate alone and let your other senses come alive to replace the one that has been temporarily taken aware. This heightened sensitivity makes you aware of what stimulation gets you off the most. 
  5. Follow good old-fashioned advice and grab a mirror and look at yourself down there. 
  6. Explore stimulating your clitoris, vagina, vulva and the surrounding area with your fingers or with sex toys if you prefer. Try different strokes, positions, and varying degrees of pressure to see what brings you closer to the big O. 
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