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The Elephant Position

This position, known as the elephant, usually happens when one tires of the dog position.

Mate Like Elephants

Mate Like Elephants

In it, the woman lies on her stomach, legs stretched out, and the man is stretched out along her back or kneeling between her legs.

This allows him to penetrate very deeply and allows her clitoris to be stimulated by the surface on which she’s lying.

The Elephant position is described in the Ananga Ranga: “The wife lies down in such a position that her face, breasts, stomach, and thighs all touch the bed or carpet, and the husband, extending himself upon her, and bending like an elephant, with the small of the back much drawn in, works underneath her, and effects insertion.” It has everything—G-spot activation angles, deep penetration, and head-to-toe body contact. Relinquishing kissing and eye contact frees up other senses and introduces a pure animalistic dynamic.

THIS POSITION creates a gentle, erotic power play. You offer him your whole body to cover; he feels delight that you are giving him “control.” He needs to support his weight, caressing not crushing you. He gets to feel your buttocks and body against him, and can still kiss and nibble your neck and shoulders. Once he is inside, you can create stronger sensations by pressing your thighs together, so who has control now?

THIS POSITION is an excellent way to initiate the Elephant position. Snuggle like spoons, making it easy for him to caress your breasts and stomach and stimulate your clitoris (and you can help too). Turn up the bestial buzz by going into the full lying flat position or tone it down by moving sideways. It’s easy to move in and out of this position, as the mood takes you.

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THE ELEPHANT POSITION can turn into a banquet of orgasmic sensations. It’s perfect for women who love to be caressed everywhere while enjoying deep penetration. Experiment to get exactly the right angle—add a well-placed pillow. Raise and lower your feet to contract your vagina around his penis. He can also use his toes to get better leverage as he thrusts.

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