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A Man’s Guide to Better Oral Sex

When done correctly, the buildup to set can be even more enjoyable than the act of sex itself. Especially when a woman knows how to tease her man and drive him crazy right before they get down to business. Men find their women seductive. Otherwise, they would not be trying to have sex with you. A woman who knows her way around a man’s body is like a goddess, but now all women are going to be experienced enough to know right away which points of a man’s body to stimulate in the right way so foreplay is long and passionate. The same way men benefit from a little prompting and guidance along the way, the woman does too.

A Man s Guide to Better Oral Sex

A Man s Guide to Better Oral Sex

Savor the exquisite moment of being together and guide your lover towards prolonging foreplay by:

  1.  Asking her to massage your scalp after a long, hard day at the office. The scalp is the doorway to make other sexual spot stimulations, and if you like a good head massage, make it a part of your foreplay routine. Relish in the way he ringers move gently with the right applied pressure in slow, circular motions. Verbalize your pleasure by moaning, letting her know what a good job she’s doing so she’ll keep going at it. 
  2. Slowly move the massage to other areas of your body. Ask her to glide her fingers down from your scalp to your neck and shoulders. Let her take her time feeling your strong muscles under her fingers. Even better, turn around and face her when she’s doing this, so she’s massaging your shoulders from the front. Look into her eyes as she’s massaging you slowly to add the intensity. 
  3. When you’re kissing each other, hold her hands and gently glide them across your thighs, hovering close to your erection. This move teases you and your lover. She gets aroused, feeling the hardness of your erection, and your longing for her increases as you try to restrain yourself from whisking her into the bedroom right then and there. 
  4. Cup one hand under her chin and tilt her face towards you so you can look deep into her eyes. While maintaining eye contact, tell her in a deep, low voice that you want her to undress you with her eyes. Many women will be taken aback by this since it’s not a request they hear very often. There’s a good chance she’s going to find this an incredibly sexy request, and as she begins undressing you, her arousal starts to spike. Eye contact is extremely erotic, and it adds an extra layer of passion into the mix. Reciprocate by undressing her with your eyes too.
  5. Ask her for a striptease. The sight of your skimpily clad lover moving in a provocative way in front of you as you use every ounce of willpower you have left not to jump her bones right then and there is enough to supercharge your arousal. Even better when you’re doing this with someone you’re in love with. Ask her to put on one of the sexy lingerie she owns (pic one that is your favorite), get some sensual music going in the background, and let the striptease commence. 
  6. Get her to tease you as you kiss by licking on your earlobes every now and then. Ask her to gently blow on them, nibble, lick, or suck on them to heighten your stimulation. The earlobes are the most underrated erogenous zones of the human body, and it doesn’t get enough time in the spotlight. Until now, that is. 
  7. When your lover tells you how she likes it done when you go down on her, return the favor by guiding her towards a blowjob that is going to blow your mind. Tell her how hard you want her to suck you and how to tantalize the tip of your penis with her tongue. Like you, women benefit from knowing exactly what works. When she knows she’s doing a good job, she’s going to give it her all. 
  8. Talking dirty during foreplay is enough to drive any man crazy. During this stage, get your lover to tell you all the things she wants you to do to her. Or what she wants to do to you. Depending on the way you like it, tell her what kind of dirty talk gets your engines fired up. Tell her what you want to do to her, too, and let your eyes roam her body as you lick your lips to signal your lust for her. A woman telling you all the naughty, kinky things she wants you to do to her body while at the same time holding you back and telling you to stop will get you so riled up you’ll be ready to make love to her all night long if you could. 
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