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Get Her to Ejaculate

Stimulation of the G spot has been mentioned throughout this website, and in some women, this type of stimulation may result in ejaculation through the urethra. Like with males, the ejaculate may dribble out, squirt, or spray, resulting in as little as two drops or as much as two cups full. Though it has some of the same components as urine, it’s not the same as the fluid originates from the Skene’s glands within the vagina.

female ejaculation

female ejaculation

If the idea of female ejaculation turns you on and you want to achieve this, first empty your bladder so that the sensation that you have to pee doesn’t turn into you actually having to pee. Then work with your partner to build your arousal level to a near frenzy so that your vagina and vulva are engorged to the point when you could reach orgasm.

At this point, your partner should stimulate the G spot as we’ve suggested, and try your best to relax into the sensations until your body releases the sensation by ejaculating.

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