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10 Ways to Turn Up the Heat on Your Sex Life

Sex games, role-playing and recreating fantasies can do wonders to revive the excitement you might have thought was lost in your relationship. The best part is most of the time; all you need is your imagination and some creativity. There’s no end to the things you could try in the bedroom and when you’re ready, let the creative, sexy time begin!

Turn up the heat

10 Ways to Turn Up the Heat in Your Sex Life

Heighten your other senses:

That silk scarf or tie can heat up your bedroom adventures. Blindfold your partner during sex and watch how your other sense comes alive. Every touch starts to feel electric and every sensation feels ten times more powerful. 

 Couples who watch porn together, come together:

Watch porn together to bring you closer as a couple. We’ve all done it, especially men, so there’s no point denying or trying to pretend like we don’t. Instead of watching it solo, watch it together this time and see who gets turned on first. 

Porn Works:

Put on a porn movie in the background and try to mimic what the couple on-screen are doing.

Game on:

Turn it into a sex game by challenging each other to see how many times a day you can have sex without repeating the same position twice. 

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A Marathon, perhaps:

Go for another game where you and your lover try to do it in every room in the house and on every piece of furniture that can support you. See if you can get it done in a day, probably with an all-day sex marathon. 

Toy with me:

Try having sex tonight using all the sex toys you have. Every single piece needs to be used at least once. No exceptions. 

Have you tried the Dom:

Try dominating her in bed. 17% of women have reportedly tried bondage, and Durex’s 2005 survey reported that at least 36% of adults in the United States have reportedly tried blindfolds, masks, and other bondage tools during sex. It’s a huge part of the overall sexual fantasy aspect. 

Let your Imagination and Creativity flow:

Share your fantasies. Have each person write down five fantasies you would each like to role play or recreate, put them in a jar and take turns pulling one fantasy each out of the jar and get busy!

Guess What’s Next:

Blindfold your partner and tease their body with different materials, textures, and sensations. Silk, feathers, whipped cream sprayed on their erogenous zones, anything you’d like as long as your partner is comfortable with it. Keep them gasping and guessing, wondering what’s coming next.

Full body massage:

Indulge in a couple’s erotic massage together if it’s been a while since you’ve done that. Use scents that you both find relaxing and take turns helping each other relax. Make your movements nice and slow, appreciating the curves of your partner’s body. Linger longer on the erogenous zones and listen to their moans as you sensually massage their sensitive areas. 

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