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Kama’s Wheel

Lovemaking in the sitting position can become very still and meditative, with the lovers simply holding each other closely, harmonizing their breathing, and allowing their bodies to sway and rock gently, without the usual thrusting associated with more active sexual positions. Kama’s Wheel is also a position associated with meditative yogic and tantric rituals but here the partners lean away from each other. The man sits with his legs outstretched and his lover mirrors his position (thus creating the spokes of a wheel with their legs).

Kamas Wheel Position

Kamas Wheel Position

IT IS NOT NECESSARY to believe in any specific philosophy to transform your sexual relationship so that it becomes deeply intimate and emotionally and physically satisfying. You do not have to participate in esoteric practice, nor is it necessary to have a spiritual or cosmic agenda about your sex life. Your purpose of incorporating elements of transcendental lovemaking into your relationship may be purely your desire to deepen the love and sexual commitment between you and your partner. You can adopt this position simply in order to look at your lover’s face and drink in everything that you love about it, or you can try it in a spirit of sheer adventurous fun.

SUPPORT YOUR LOVER’S back so that she can lean backward dramatically, leaving herself open and exposed. In this way she can raise her legs and you can open yours to vary the angle and depth of penetration. By clasping your ankles, she can move your legs further apart to increase the depth of penetration.

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BY LEANING BACK and holding on to your partner’s ankles you can move into the Ananga Ranga position known as the Snake Trap. Use your pelvic floor muscles to grip your lover’s penis and rock gently back and forth, tensing and relaxing your vagina. Rotate your hips slightly as you lower yourself onto the shaft of his penis, then slide back up to the tip without letting his penis slip out. Close your eyes—he can watch you without inhibition and you can focus on your own pleasure.


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