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A Woman’s Guide to Better Oral Sex

Kissing, hugging, and fondling is only scratching the surface of oral sex. There are so many layers left to be explored, and you’re missing out on a lot when you only focus on going down south as soon as possible and get to your orgasm. A woman’s body is a soft, beautiful, and sensual thing, and you need to spend time worshipping it the way it deserves and show her how attracted to her you are. This way, she won’t conclude that you’re only interested in sex, and all you want to do is get right down to business and get it over with. 

A Woman s Guide to Better Oral Sex

A Woman s Guide to Better Oral Sex

A man is ready for sex pretty much as soon as he hits the sheets or catches sight of your glorious naked body. He won’t be thinking about prolonged foreplay unless you actively try to prolong it. A woman can help her man get better at oral sex by encouraging the following:

  1. Begin the foreplay even before you get to the bedroom and keep it going as long as possible by kissing and cuddling each other. A man will be eager to get to action once you’re in bed together, and staving him off by delaying that moment ensures more time is spent building the intimacy through kisses and caresses. 
  2. Before cunnilingus, ask your man to tease you by kissing you through your panties. Ask him to tease you, kiss you, and suck on you through the delicate fabric of your underwear until he is itching to rip it off to get to the real thing. If you want to keep teasing him to prolong the foreplay, cheekily tell him he can’t take off your panties until he has you panting, breathing hard and begging for him to yank it off and kiss you there already. 
  3. Stroke his penis through the material of his jeans or pants in slow, deliberate moves. Tell him how turned on you are feeling the bulge in his pants. As he gets harder with each stroke of your hand, pull his head close to you with your other hand and deepen your kisses, whispering in between how hard he feels.  
  4. During cunnilingus, tell your man what you want. He’s not a mind reader and unless you guide him and show him exactly how you can be pleasured, he’s going to do it based on his experience of what he thinks works best. He’s not going to spend very long down there too unless you tell him what to do. This direct instruction is going to be sexy because it shows him you know what you want and you’re not afraid to ask for it, and it lets him know he’s doing all the right things when you’re begging him to keep going and don’t stop. 
  5. The more turned on a woman gets during foreplay, the more pressure and intensity she craves. Let the touching and kissing start soft and slow in the beginning and then increase the pressure by squeezing or gripping your partner’s arms, legs, shoulders, or waist tighter. When he feels your getting more intense, he will be quick to reciprocate and his kisses and touches will grow intense too. Drive him wild by giving encouragement along the way as you tell him to kiss you harder and pull his head closer. Tell him how good it feels when he’s massaging your breasts and teasing your nipples with his fingers. When he can see how visibly aroused you are, he’ll want to keep going just to increase your pleasure. 
  6. Touching yourself in front of your man will have his eyes popping out of his head. He’ll be so mesmerized by the sight of you pleasuring yourself right in front of him he won’t be able to tear his eyes away from you. Do this for several minutes, and then ask him to take over once you see him practically drooling over you. He’ll be more than willing to let his tongue and fingers roam all over your body to replicate that pleasure
  7. Guide his hands where you want them to go. Most men are turned on by a woman who takes control like this, and again he’s going to appreciate some direct instruction. A man wants to know that they can please their lover and be great in bed. Help him out in this department by guiding him directly towards where your pleasure spots are. Grasps his hands and glide it along your entire body, from your neck and right down to your breasts and vagina. Every now and then, bring his fingers up to your mouth and suck on them when he least expects it. 
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