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The Art of Kissing

Perhaps the Kama Sutra has endured throughout the ages because it so thoroughly addresses the full spectrum of lovemaking, not just the positions. And nothing has the power to kindle the fire of passion like a kiss. Vatsyayana meticulously describes many types of kisses, including “nominal, throbbing, touching, straight, bent, turned, pressed, clasping, and wrestling tongue.”

Art of Kissing

Art of Kissing

Because it’s likely that you’ve been kissing for a while now, use this list to inspire some creativity. Maybe you’re in a rut and noticing that your kisses don’t seem to make her knees weak anymore or light a fire in his eyes. Worse yet—maybe you’ve stopped kissing altogether!

Remember your first kisses and how terribly exciting they were? Remember kissing for hours, just because it felt so good? If your kissing has become boring, or merely a perfunctory stop on the way to something “more exciting,” it’s time to re-evaluate. Start fresh, with “beginner’s mind,” and rediscover what you’ve been missing.

Here’s a practice: Let one partner give the kiss while the other receives it. Then switch. If you’re receiving, totally relax your mouth and let your lover explore. No kissing back! If you’re kissing a woman, use your tongue to stimulate the spot between the inside of her upper lip and her gum line, right in the center. Tantric teachings note a connection between this spot and a woman’s clitoris.

When kissing a man, run your tongue along the opposite spot, between the inside of his lower lip and gum in the center. This point is said to stimulate the frenulum, or delicate tissue underneath the head of his vajra.

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