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Awaken the Clitoris

Also known as the little man in a boa or the shining pearl, this tiny roundish knob located at the top of the vulva, just above the urethra opening, is the key to most women’s orgasms. It exists solely for sexual pleasure and is composed of the same structures found in the penis. Though the entire clitoris is sensitive, the part of the clitoris with the most nerve endings per square inch is the glans.

Awaken the Clitoris

Awaken the Clitoris

This is what you see when you pull back the hood that protects it from being touched directly (similar to the male foreskin) and corresponds with the head of the penis. The part of the clitoris that we can’t see is known as the shaft. Attached to the pubic mound, this structure is approximately one to two inches long and just over a half an inch wide.

Like the shaft of the penis, it becomes engorged with blood when the woman becomes sexually aroused and increases in size. From the pubic mound the shaft extends into two legs, known as the crura, that curve down around the vaginal opening and swell when aroused.

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