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The Rider Position

This is similar to the Reverse Cowgirl position where the girl straddles the guy but facing away from him so that her ass is toward his face. The man is lying on a flat surface so that she is able to sit on his penis. She leans forward, balancing herself on his knees with her hands while she slides her pelvis up and down on his penis. He can help with balance by lightly placing his hands on her hips.

This position does not require a lot of flexibility because there is no contortions of limbs in order get into this position. Because the woman is on top, she is able to choose how deep the penis penetrates and the sensitive spots it hits inside of her. She can also dictate how fast or slow they go. This position could be tiring for woman because she’s exerting all the energy. Also the lack of control might mean the man orgasms before the woman is ready for him to. For maximum pleasure, teamwork is essential.

The Rider

The Rider

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