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Widely Opened Position

According to the Kama Sutra, “When she lowers her head and raises her middle parts, it is called the Widely Opened position.” Deep penetration is possible in this position, where the vagina is raised and open. However, it is a difficult pose for the woman to adopt for long, so the man can help by supporting her hips with his hands and pulling her toward him. The woman can then adjust the angle of her pelvis to maximize the friction on her clitoris by using her feet to tilt up and down.

Widely Opened Position

Widely Opened Position

RELAX back into the Clasping position for restful interludes before returning to the raunch. It can be a time for you to reconnect, looking into each other’s eyes, breathing together, and kissing tenderly. You can rest for as long as you like, enjoying the cozy full-body contact that the Clasping position allows. Just move your hips enough to keep his penis erect.

THIS POSITION can follow very naturally after the Clasping position if both lovers are fully aroused. Kneel up and support your weight on your hands to allow your lover the freedom to raise her pelvis. Circle your pelvises slowly and sensuously. This can be a bit awkward, so if you lose synchronicity or begin to tire, take time out in the Clasping position.

Raise and lower your feet to alter the angle of entry.

PLACE A PILLOW or two beneath your lover’s hips to increase her comfort. If you are not sure that she is receiving the stimulation she needs, support her hips with one hand and use the other to gently stroke her clitoris. Penetrate her more deeply as she is increasingly aroused. Rhythmic thrusting in the Widely Opened position can create intense vaginal sensations. When you sense that her arousal is beginning to peak, you can drive her wild by gently parting the cheeks of her buttocks, so that her anus is exposed and slightly stretched. Most women find this action intensely exciting.

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PILLOWS PLACED AT either end of the bed enable these lovers to be flexible in their lovemaking. The “deer woman” has spread her legs widely so that her lover can penetrate her vagina deeply.

MEN ARE KNOWN to be more highly responsive to visual stimulation, while women are more responsive to touch. However, watching the penis thrusting in and out of the vagina during sex can be highly erotic for both partners. By raising his torso off hers, both partners are able to enjoy this visual stimulation. For the man, having his lover watching in this way can make him feel very potent.

CONTINUE TO CARESS her body rather than focusing on your pelvic thrusts. Her breasts and nipples are easily accessible in this position. Suck, kiss, lick, and nibble her breasts until she is breathless with desire. When she is in such an aroused state the sensation of your lips on this highly erogenous area might easily trigger her orgasm. Your own pleasure will be heightened as you feel her nipples harden.

ALTER THE ANGLE of your thrusting by shifting your weight to one side to create new and erotic sensations, using one arm to support yourself while the other caresses her thighs. It also allows your partner more freedom to move; she can rub her thigh against yours or stroke your back.

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