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The Lock Position

The lock is something for the adventurous couples that like the role of being dominant or submissive. This hits a different spot of the vagina making it very pleasurable for the woman.

The woman will need to lay on her stomach bending her legs and heels towards her buttocks, once done she will then need to reach behind and grab her feet. Her partner can help by leading and stretching her arms and legs. It is also important to lie a thick pillow down before this, as it allows the man to get a better angle of penetration. Once the woman is sorted, the
man will need to kneel down and insert his penis inside of the vagina.

The man can use handcuffs or rope to tie everything together. Not only does this make things a lot hotter but also it’s easier for the woman. Talking dirty and maybe even pulling her hair could also turn you partner on that little bit more.

The Lock Position

The Lock Position

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