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Shoulder Holder Position

Get the deepest possible penetration and awesome g-spot stimulation with the Shoulder Holder sex position! You really can’t get any deeper than this, and the stimulation feels great for both partners.

The Shoulder Holder is another twist on the Missionary, but it is a little more challenging. The female partner rests on her back with her legs straight up in the air, and the male partner sits up on his knees to penetrate her. Her legs will rest gently on his shoulders. This move can be a little more difficult for women who aren’t as flexible in the legs. Ladies, feel free to bend your knees gently if your legs begin to feel too stretched.

The Shoulder Holder can be done pretty much anywhere that you can do the Missionary. Try the bed, floor, sofa, and even the recliner!

Shoulder Holder Position

Shoulder Holder Position

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