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Rising Position

The Rising Position are all about the kind of decadent, leg-up action that will create magnificent sensations. First, he needs to be on his knees, then she should lie down right in front of him and drape her ankles over his shoulders. Adopt this stance  only when you are both at fever pitch, because penetration is so deep that her vagina needs to be fully expanded. Get the point of arousal just right and she’ll love the experience of sudden fullness—quite apart from the palpably erotic feeling of her thighs clasping him so powerfully. He’ll need to hold onto her legs to keep the action going and maintain his balance.

Rising Position

Rising Position

YOU CAN VARY THE ANGLE of penetration (and maybe find that G-spot of hers) by lifting her body gently. If your legs are long and you don’t quite fit, use a pillow to lift her. Holding her hips is a big turn-on, as is feeling her bottom and rubbing her tummy. You can help the orgasms along by giving the occasional compliment: You might mention that her thigh pressure is intoxicating your senses and the view of her breasts unutterably gorgeous.

LITTLE VARIATIONS can make a big difference in this position, so try holding his thighs to steer his movements so that the angle is right for you. Intensify the pressure on his penis by pushing the backs of your legs against his shoulders, while squeezing his penis with your thighs. You can always treat him to a view of your hands tweaking your nipples or reaching farther south to manually enhance your pleasure.

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TREAT HIM like a climbing frame. Hold onto those manly arms and pull yourself up to get the required angle (but take care not to hurt your lower back). Make sure he’s got a tight grip on your hips. There’s only one word of warning here: Because he can move directly inside your vagina at this angle, he needs to make sure that he doesn’t jar your cervix. Arousal is everything; when you’re verging on orgasmic meltdown, let him know that it’s all right to thrust wildly.

IN THIS NOVELTY POSITION she is almost upside down, with only her head and neck on the bed. To attain this stance, raise her legs and place one on each side of your neck. Then sit up from a low kneeling position. Only now do you enter her, but do take really good care that you don’t hurt her neck and spine. Lowering her slightly, might make contact with her G-spot and improve her prospect of orgasm. Otherwise, for her, the fun of this position is just pleasing you.

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