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The Cowboy Position

If you can imagine the Cowgirl sex position  but with the man on top, you’ll have the Cowboy. It’s a fun twist on the Missionary, or “him on top” sex!

The cowboy is a romantic position that gives the man dominance. It is relatively easy to do and it does not require a lot of energy.

The female partner lies on her back with her legs pressed together, as if she were in the traditional Missionary sex position. Her partner will then straddle her with each leg on either side of her to penetrate. He’s sitting straight up, “cowboy” style. He’s not used to thrusting like this, so it may take some time for him to get the hang of it.

A flat surface such as the bed, sofa, or floor is best for the Cowboy sex position. This can be a fun one to do outdoors while camping or doing something else rugged or outdoorsy.

Cowboy Position

Cowboy Position

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