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The Cat Position

Who wouldn’t want to be a cat? Cats unequivocally say “yes please” to pleasure, milking that feline grace and cuteness for all it’s worth. Look and learn. You might be a powerful puma exuding danger and prowess or a seductive, diamond-collared Persian. It doesn’t matter. To get full appreciation of the Cat position, crank up your sensuality levels and prepare to stroke, nuzzle, bite, scratch, and purr. Also, and this is important, bask in the attention you’re getting as your god-given right on this planet.

Cat Position

Cat Position

THERE’S SOMETHING DEEPLY sexy about this position. You can arch your back and rub up against him while he strokes you. Luxuriate in feline-inspired sensuousness. If you’re really in character, copy mating cats by softly biting the back of her neck (but only if you know that she’ll meow with gratification). Mother cats do this to kittens to make them relax when they lift them, and it’s the same principle here.

GIVE HER MORE to meow about. Reach around to touch her clitoris. There are between 6,000 and 8,000 nerve endings right there. Rub too hard and you’ll dull rather than excite. The trick is to keep your stimulation light and indirect (the clitoris isn’t a “push and play” device). Heighten the sensuality by rubbing her back and massaging the top of her bottom.

SHE MAY ARCH HER BACK, offering you her gorgeous breasts for your lustful attention. Avoid going straight for the nipple. Yes, it is tempting, but if you really want to turn the heat up, make circular movements using your fingertips, especially under the breast moving up first to the cleavage.

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PUSH AND STEER against one another to get exactly the right angle. Put more erogenous zones on the map by caressing her upper thighs and tummy. Is she purring yet?

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