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The Dolphin Position

The dolphin is a yoga-like sex position that provides great G-spot stimulation. The woman’s head is inverted during sex, which means that the blood flow to her brain is increased, this improving the level of pleasure, excitement, and sensations that she feels during sex. This position requires moderate to high flexibility on the part of the woman.

The woman should lie on her back and then slowly raise her back, abdomen, and knees from the bed into a bridge position. The man then kneels on top of her, holds her waist, and then enters her.

To take this position to the next level, the man can lift the woman’s hips higher. He can also fondle her breasts during sex.
This sex position is challenging and you shouldn’t hold this for too long as the increased blood flow to the head could lead to dizziness and blackouts.

The Dolphin

The Dolphin

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