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Inverted Embrace Position

As you will no doubt have guessed, the Inverted Embrace position, which is described in the Ananga Ranga, is actually the Inverted Clasping position. So we still have the eye contact, the kisses, and the full front-of-body contact. But now the woman is in control. This reversal of roles enables you both to express new and exciting aspects of your sexuality.

Inverted Embrace Position

Inverted Embrace Position

AFTER ROLLING around with ever-increasing enthusiasm and energy, you may suddenly find yourself on top. Your first sensation upon arriving in the superior position will probably be the realization that you have regained full control of your hips, and you could be forgiven for wanting to test their 0–60 capability immediately. Don’t. Slow and careful movements will help prevent the penis from slipping out while your bodies are adjusting to each other in this new position.

YOU HAVE FULL CONTROL of your hip movements, but if your partner is the dominant type he will immediately place his hands on your bottom in a subconscious attempt to retain control. There’s no problem there: Most of us just love having our buttocks squeezed and fondled during sex! Even if your man is a bit intimidated at first, you should quickly be able to convince him that the Inverted embrace is a good idea by kissing him in the ways that you like to be kissed, nibbling his bottom lip, and kissing and licking the highly erogenous zones around his throat and ears.

IN THE CLASPING position, the onus is definitely on the man to perform, which can be a disadvantage if he is feeling tired or stressed. If you sense this is the case, you can reverse roles and take over the reins even though you normally prefer him to dominate. Relax and enjoy the many opportunities for play; if you have long hair, use it to caress him, allowing it to brush beguilingly over his face and neck.

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HE WILL SOON FORGET his stress as he focuses his attention on the sensual viewpoint offered by this position. Tease him by shimmying to maximize the sexy motion of your breasts. Proffer your nipples to his lips like exotic fruits and then move them just beyond his reach. When you feel that he has suffered enough of this tantalization (and before he sprains his neck), allow him full access to kiss and suck your nipples. Both of you will find this sensationally erotic.

GRIP YOUR VAGINA and your thighs tightly around the penis and push your feet against his to allow a sensational grinding action against his pubic bone, which can stimulate your clitoris. Penetration is now deeper and you can kiss him more passionately to simulate what’s going on below. Take his hands away from your body forcefully and hold them down. If he doesn’t resist then he is certainly warming up to the idea of submission.

SOME WOMEN SIMPLY love to take the active role and cannot be satisfied sexually otherwise. Whether or not you are a dominatrix, it is time to put those hips to work and show him how it should be done: grind, wriggle, wiggle; here is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate exactly which movements work for you. Many men do love to be dominated. Hold down his hands and watch his reaction; it may be time to dust off the handcuffs and unleash that leather thong.

IF YOUR LOVER is uncomfortable with the submissive role and loses his erection, you still hold an ace. Show him just how easy it is for you to move into manual and oral stimulation. Just pleasure him and show him how much you love his penis. Of course, another good reason for adding oral sex to your lovemaking is because you enjoy it and you enjoy making him happy—that, in itself, is a real turn on.

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