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The Torch Position

This is another unique position that does require lots of stamina and balance. The man will kneel and sit along side his feet, making sure his legs are slightly apart. Facing him, the woman sits on his thighs, while her legs are perched on his shoulders, and she holds on to his back for support. She can then throw her head back in sheer abandon as the thrusting begins, with the man moving her body rhythmically and with increasing intensity. The couple are free to also kiss in this position, or the man can roam his tongue around her neck, ears, or breasts, while she can massage his back, stroke his arms, or play with his scrotum during penetration.

The Torch

The Torch

The Torch position is actually easier than it looks but is still for advanced couples. This one is powerful and intimate at the same time due to the eye contact that is made.

The man must kneel on his knees like he started out in the previous position, once comfortable, the woman needs to rest her legs on top of her mans shoulders laying her back on the bed. Once this is done the man must insert his penis into his partners vagina and then lift his partner upright holding her back towards him.

Making strong eye contact and kissing each other will spice things up in the position. The woman can also use her arms to pull her closer towards her partner to create deeper thrusts.

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