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Secrets of Seduction – Body Language

The language of love is largely an unspoken one. Scientists have long studied how humans – and their animal counterparts – attract and hold onto mates by silently, and usually unwittingly, engaging in mating rituals.

Consciously employing these courtship methods can often result in winning the phone number of that sexy stranger, or keeping your long-term love steamy. Ready to let your body talk?

Body Language - Secrets of Seduction

Body Language – Secrets of Seduction

  1. Work the walk. Masters of silent seduction know how to make an entrance. They sweep across rooms, wrapped in an air of confidence. If you doubt your abilities to pull of such a dramatic swagger, at least master the basics. Keep your head held up, your shoulders back, and walk with purpose. A mysterious smile playing across your face doesn’t hurt.
  2. Keep your Eyes on the Prize. If eyes are the windows to the soul, make sure your love interest can see into yours clearly. Exchanging glances across the room signals your interest and attentive eye contact during conversation keeps couples close. Let your eyes reflect even your sexiest thoughts. Fix your beloved with a smoldering gaze and let your eyes linger on their sexiest body features. They’ll hear you loud and clear.
  3. Reach Out and Touch Someone. Making love is largely a tactile experience and that’s exactly the imagery you hope to purvey in your seduction. Men who touch a woman lightly on her arm to make a point, or delicately take her hand to admire her ring, indicate their desire to get closer and send the very attractive message that they’ll treat them just as sensitively when intimate. Women can also crank up their sex appeal without even caressing their crush. Absentmindedly (but not nervously) playing with her jewelry or casually stroking her hair or wine glass can send a powerful visual message.
  4. Get In Sync. A connected couple instinctively mirrors each others body language. It’s as if their bodies are saying “We’re one”. You can play this trick to help forge a connection – by keeping your body turned towards theirs, leaning forward when they do, and subtly reflecting their actions.
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