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Bulldog Position

The Bulldog is a unique take on Doggy Style that requires more leg strength from the male partner, but gives a different penetration angle.

The female partner assumes the Doggy Style position on all fours and her partner gets behind her. Instead of resting his weight on his knees, he’s actually going to crouch down with his feet on the floor or bed and bend his knees to line up his pelvis with her rear. This can require considerable strength on the male partner’s part, especially during thrusting. He’ll find that the angle of penetration is quite a bit different from traditional Doggy Style.

A flat surface is needed for both partners. She’ll need to be on her hands and knees, and he will be crouched down with his weight resting on his feet. It can be done on the bed, but the male partner may be appreciative of the floor since it will allow him greater stability and balance.

Bulldog Position

Bulldog Position

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