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Refined Position

The pressed positions require a lot of stamina, as well as strong leg muscles. The Refined position offers time out from more demanding positions, while maintaining the excitement. In this position the woman continues to gain more control. This can be a welcome progression after being so submissive in the earlier pressed positions.

Refined Position

Refined Position

Freedom for the woman to move her legs and to change the angle of her pelvis means penetration can be deeper, more varied, and perhaps more mutually satisfying.

WHILE HE SUPPORTS your weight by placing his hands on your buttocks, your fingers are free to explore . With your legs around his waist, you can change the angle and length of penetration. Tilt your pelvis up and down and tense your thighs to bring you even closer to his genitals. Squeeze your vaginal muscles to grip his penis more tightly. The opportunity for self-stimulation of the breasts means both lovers are kept happy.

IN THIS POSITION you can stroke her breasts, buttocks, neck, face and thighs, while she is writhing around in front of you. As your lover sensuously arches her spine, her lungs, abdomen and diaphragm will expand, enabling her to breathe more deeply. An increase in oxygen will greatly increase her sexual excitement, so this position should intensely heighten her orgasm. Arching the back also helps open the vagina, which makes deep penetration more easily achievable for women who may find other deep-penetration positions uncomfortable.

THE REFINED POSITION allows for every man’s fantasy—the ability to watch his lover bringing herself to orgasm while he is inside her. Lock your ankles behind his back and push yourself against him as an aid to clitoral stimulation. While your lover is pleasuring herself, caress her thighs, buttocks, and arms, making her orgasm even more intense. Knowing that you are mesmerized by the movements of her fingers will increase her pleasure even more. This is one moment in lovemaking when you are absolutely forgiven for not making eye contact with each other!

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