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Pressing Position

If you are both enjoying the woman-on-top position you may well want to take it further and try some of the more dominant squatting postures, taking full control of the depth and angle of the thrusts to bring yourself and your lover to a mind-melting orgasm. On the other hand, you may tire after a while and want him to take control again. There is, however, a middle way: The Pressing position enables the woman to be more involved in the action even though she is not the dominant partner.

Pressing Position

Pressing Position

BY NOW you will both be totally aroused and you may both be ready for some full-on, deep penetration. However, full penetration can create feelings of vulnerability as well as physical pleasure so, if your lover rushes headlong into thrusting, tell him that you want to remain still and enjoy the feeling of him inside you. You don’t have to relinquish all control when he rolls back on top.

THE KAMA SUTRA states: “When a woman places one of her thighs across the thigh of her lover it is called the Twining position.” This position is especially useful if your lover’s actions have become mechanical and you sense that you are losing synchronicity and connectedness. Slow down once in awhile to stay in touch on an emotional level throughout intercourse. Allow the intimacy you feel to be expressed, silently or with words.

USE YOUR ARMS to pull him toward you and express your feeling with gentle kisses. When you are ready again for deeper penetration you can signal your desires and urge him on by wrapping your thighs around him and pulling him toward you. (The pressure of your foot on his buttocks is an added stimulation.) Vatsyayana called this the “Pressing position,” and specified that it was the most natural progression from the Clasping position.

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IF YOU ARE IN THE MOOD for an extended sex session, you can comfortably move on to the delights of the Yawning position and its variations, which are explored in the following chapter. Alternatively, you may well want to reach a mutual climax in the Pressing position now that penetration is deep. If you move into a kneeling position while your lover entwines her legs around you, you are adopting what the Ananga Ranga termed the Placid embrace, a position associated with great tenderness.

OPENING YOUR EYES enables you to watch and respond to your lover, and to silently express your own feelings of tenderness (or wantonness!). However, many lovers prefer to keep their eyes shut during sex. They find that closing their eyes allows them to reach a different level of sensuality because they are able to focus inward on each exquisite sensation. Strike a balance between the two so that you are more keenly aware of your own needs and those of your partner.

VARY THE ANGLE of penetration (and the resulting sensations) by putting your arms under your lover’s hips and raising or lowering them. Be careful—raising them too far can put a strain on your partner’s neck. It is a good idea to place a cushion or a pillow beneath the small of her back for extra support. The angle of her pelvis will enable your erect penis to put sustained pressure on the front wall of her vagina and G-spot, which can be extremely stimulating and can bring her to orgasm.

VARYING THE WEIGHT that you bear down upon your lover can also greatly alter the sensations and mood of your lovemaking. When your lover wraps both her legs around your body and draws you toward her, it is about as good as sex gets. By weaving herself around you she is expressing her desire to become one with you, to feel that ineffable sense of completeness that comes when making passionate love to someone you totally adore.

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