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The Drill Position

Feel every inch of your partner during sex with the intimate but still naughty Drill! It’s a sexy twist on the standard Missionary, and allows for super deep penetration.

The main difference between the Drill and the Deck Chair (see page 166) is that instead of raising her legs up where her knees bend at a ninety-degree angle, the female partner wraps her legs around her partner’s hips and rests her ankles against his back. This position provides more physical intimacy than the Deck Chair or even the Missionary, because the position of her legs allows for only minimal separation of skin contact. Women, enjoy feeling every inch of your partner with this sex position!

The drill is similar to the missionary position. This position provides superior G-spot stimulation, which is easy to perform, providing maximum pleasure.

This versatile position can be done just about anywhere like the sofa, bed, and even the floor.

Drill Position

Drill Position

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