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Crab Position

The Kama Sutra says: “When both the legs of the woman are contracted, and placed on her stomach, it is called the Crab position.” It is also known as the Intact position. Start with the open-legged position, a natural progression from the Yawning position, before moving on to the bent-leg position (right). Being able to look at one another maintains intimacy, but the dominance of the man’s role makes these perfect for when you feel like spicing things up and getting a little bit rough.

Crab Position

Crab Position

FROM THE YAWNING position, hold your lover’s hands so she can’t move as freely as before. This can be your signal that you want to move into more bondage play. If she is up for it, she can easily signal her willingness to comply by moving her legs close to her body to adopt the submissive Crab position. However, be prepared for her to reject your proposition!

For some women exploring the Crab’s position for the first time, the penetration may prove too deep. Hold and caress one another’s legs to bring you fantastically in tune in your movements as well as to make penetration even deeper. Press your chest as close to her shins as possible. Take full advantage of the accessibility of her breasts.

MEN, USE YOUR WEIGHT to add to the intensity of the experience—but if you’re on the heavy side be very careful not to press down too hard. Use a pillow to make sure your partner’s back isn’t under any strain. When she is aroused, all areas around the pelvis, especially the thighs and buttocks, fill with sexual tension.

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The Crab Position is perfect for building this tension up to the screaming point. Tease her by holding off from penetration until she’s really desperate for it. Use your penis to turn her on before entering her. Rub it against her clitoris and the insides of her thighs. If your partner still isn’t aroused enough to allow penetration, make sure she stays in this position while you move downward for oral sex—the position of her legs, particularly if held firmly in place, will make the experience even more mind-blowing. When she’s fully aroused, move back into position and start taking control.

Don’t let your man feel he’s doing all the work. Keep touching him: stroke his face, neck, ears, biceps, forearms, and anything else within range! If you’re not comfortable with being submissive, tell him where to touch you and how fast or slow you want him to move.

Ok, now you have seriously got her attention. Do this one right and she is never going to let you go! This position requires complete trust on the part of the woman, so the reassuringly close eye and face contact are important. Whisper to her to increase the intimacy.

CHANGING THE ANGLE by leaning forward and allowing her to feel your weight creates an even more intimate bond, as well as enabling you to increase that delicious skin-on-skin sensation. Women, you have more freedom than before, so start moving your hips in a controlled manner. Hold him tightly with your thighs, really drawing him inside you. Run your hands — and nails—along his chest, nipples, shoulders, and neck. Tell him exactly how good this feels and be as loud as your walls allow.

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This is the genuine G-spot finder because his penis is pressing against the front wall of her vagina. It’s pretty much all down to the man here—as she is going to have to go exactly where you take her—but if she’s telling you not to stop, take her at her word! You’ll need strong thigh muscles for this one, so keep practicing those squat thrusts at the gym. Keeping your back upright can help relieve some of the pressure.

Be aware that there is a danger here of pushing against the cervix, so move your position if your partner feels uncomfortable. Pressing her shoulders down can make her feel deliciously helpless and should add to an all-encompassing surrender to arousal. This gentle indication that you are making the decisions is extremely erotic, keeping you well aware of your potent command of the situation.

A courtesan who could “draw her legs as far back as her hair” was highly prized in Vatsyayana’s day. This popular position appears frequently in Hindu paintings.

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