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The Seating Wheelbarrow Position

If the Standing Wheelbarrow is too difficult at first, try the Seating Wheelbarrow first. The woman lies down on her stomach at the edge of the bed, or bends over on a chair, as the man grabs her waist and pulls her up to him, penetrating from behind while her arms support her weight on the floor. The angle of penetration here is very deep and varied, increasing her stimulation, while her clitoris rubs against his groin. The man gets a perfect view of her backside and buttocks in an erotic and submissive position.

Seating Wheelbarrow

Seating Wheelbarrow

The Seated Wheelbarrow is an easier version compared the standing wheelbarrow, especially for the man. To make this positions easier the woman can but a bench or chair in front of her and rest her elbows on there instead.

In this position the man will need to sit down on the edge of a bed. Once done, the woman can lie on the floor in front of him with her legs spread, the man can then grab her legs and put them in-between his waist. He will need to thrust using his legs.

The man can lean back and put his hands on the bed to acquire more strength by being able to use both his arms and legs to create a more powerful thrust. He can also slap or fondle with his partners buttocks.

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