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Turning Position

Are you ready to try something really different? The Turning position definitely fits the bill.

Vatsyayana says: “When a man, during congress, turns round, and enjoys the woman without leaving her, while she embraces him round the back all the time, it is called the Turning position, and is learned only by practice.” If you were to try this during a one-night stand, your partner would have hysterics, or run a mile, or possibly both! As an experiment between lovers who know each other inside out and back to front (well, if you didn’t before, you will now), it is a lot of fun and surprisingly erotic.

Turning Position

Turning Position

THE KAMA SUTRA’S “practice” recommendation is no joke. Although the Turning position starts from the familiar Clasping embrace, it soon turns into an acrobatic feat. Your lover will deserve a medal if he can go the full 360 degrees without his penis slipping out at least half-a-dozen times. At the halfway mark things start to get really interesting. You find yourself looking at him in a whole new light, and feel the most extraordinary sensations as his penis churns around, probing into every part of your vagina.

IF OR WHEN he completes the full circle, you can reward him with a passionate kiss and tell him all about which bits you like best. Ask him to do it again. And now that you know the ropes, take full advantage of the opportunity to squeeze and fondle that sexy behind. If you fancy taking a Turn yourself, switch roles and try the Top.

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