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The Wheelbarrow Position

You can probably imagine how this position goes down between the lovers. It is a bit like a wheelbarrow race but with no plan on getting anywhere. How you want to ease in this position is up to you and your flexibility and upper-body strength. Essentially the man must be near standing while the woman is facing away from him and her legs are at the height of his hips. This is somewhat like doggy style but both of the lovers are raised higher than that position usually requires and could move forwards like an actual wheelbarrow if they wished.

The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow is definitely a favorite for guys who enjoy exotic sex positions, even though it might not be one of her favorites. With him in total control, she’s at his mercy! It’s an excellent position for guys who really like a “butt view.”

The male partner stands normally, with his feet about shoulder width apart. The female partner will get on all fours à la Doggy Style and back up to him until she’s close enough that he can bend down and pick her up from the waist. From there, he will position her hips in line with his, entering her from “behind.” This requires a bit of strength on his part, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. She will spread her legs out, allowing him to get a good grip on her hips and thighs to allow for thrusting. Her hands are still positioned on the floor, supporting the majority of her weight.

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Try this one in a room with plenty of space and no furniture in the way. The Wheelbarrow definitely requires one thing, and that’s space!

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