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The Yawning Position

Vulnerable and erotic, this position could become one of your favorites. The woman lies on her back and places her legs up and over the shoulders of her partner, who is on top of her. The legs can rest on his shoulders with very little strain to the man. She should not use much of a pillow, if any, under her buttocks, as this will limit her mobility.

The yawning position lets the woman rest her legs on the man’s shoulders.

With the man on top, you can go from the missionary position to the yawning position very easily. Thrusting should begin gently, as this is a vulnerable position for some women. With her legs on his shoulders, she will have the leverage to lift her pelvis easily and affect the angle of penetration.

As one of the three positions that the Kama Sutra recommends for high congress, it allows maximum penetration. And by raising and lowering the legs, you create different and exciting sensations.

The Yawning Position

The Yawning Position

One of the benefits of this position is that the woman can easily rotate her hips for maximum contact to her G-spot. The rotating also stimulates the man and they can both control the movement and the thrusting easily and freely. In this posture the hands are free to stimulate other erogenous zones. The man can use his hands and fingers on the clitoris, breasts, face or any other area on the woman’s body where he knows her pleasure will be enhanced. The woman’s hands are free to caress her partner’s face, back, neck, thighs, legs, and scrotum.

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She can assist him in having an orgasm but not ejaculating in this position because she can read his energy easily. She is able to move, do her Kegels to grip him firmly, or lie still so he won’t orgasm too soon. Lying still, in a heightened state of arousal, with the woman squeezing her PC muscles in this position is pure ecstasy. This is a good way to let the man come back to a more stable state if he is feeling that he might be getting close to ejaculating. Lie still and, if appropriate, pump your PC muscles slowly and keep him just at the edge of excitement.

A variation on this position calls for the woman to straighten her legs and firmly push the backs of her legs away from the man, so that her feet move closer to her head. In doing so she puts a greater angle on her pelvis, and consequently the man’s penis accesses the G-spot better. She is more in control of the thrusting in this variation and can control the deep versus shallow thrusts and the speed of the thrusting. This is a little more difficult for some women, but try it before you decide that it’s not for you. The more of an angle you are able to put on the vagina and penis, the more pressure will be applied, causing greater pleasure.

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