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Paired Feet Position

In this sensual position the woman leans back while drawing her legs up so that her shins are resting on her partner’s chest. The man opens his legs wide apart, with her body between them, so that the woman can achieve full penetration. Then he presses her thighs together to intensify the sensations. Again, movement is very limited, so you may need a little help with stimulation. A bonus for him is the sexy view he gets of his lover’s breasts.

Paired Feet

Paired Feet

BY DRAWING your knees up, your vaginal muscles naturally constrict around the penis giving you both intense pleasure. He can relax the pressure on your thighs occasionally and use his hands instead to stroke your thighs. If you need a little help to reach your orgasm, he can open your legs and gently massage your clitoris.

YOUR LOVER has a highly erotic view of your breasts in this position. You can increase his pleasure and your own by caressing and stroking your breasts in whichever way you most enjoy. By closing your eyes and focusing on your own feelings you will allow him the opportunity to gaze at your body with adoration (or pure, unbridled lust). Writhe and moan with pleasure and you will make him feel extremely potent.

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