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The Top Position

Theoretically this position offers a revolving 360-degree view of her body and some interesting penetration angles. In fact, the full sequence is more or less impossible to achieve without the penis slipping out at some point. Treat it like a woman-on-top variation of the Turning position – that is, as something of an experiment. He must have complete trust that she will not injure his penis, because it isn’t multi-hinged! So take it really slowly.

The Top Position

The Top Position

THE TURNING SEQUENCE: Sit astride him as he lies flat on his back, gripping his penis inside you with your vaginal muscles. Then raise your legs to clear his body and swivel just a little way round. Hold his hands or use whatever body part is near to steady yourself so that you keep your balance. Check he’s not finding anything uncomfortable. Careful practice is essential if you are to build this up to a smooth, circular turn without his penis slipping out.

THIS IS A REAL “look what I can do” dazzler of a position. The main highlight is the revolving view and attendant sensations as she dexterously swivels her whole body around his penis. She shouldn’t move more than an inch or two at a time, making sure that he is always comfortable.

EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR BACK to your lover in the Top position, you can still enjoy a cuddle. You should receive maximum penetration at this angle, so ask him not to thrust, because this can jar the cervix. You can “act the part of the man” in this position, using your pelvic floor muscles to full effect while he holds you and surrenders to the blissful pleasure you’re giving him. As for him, he gets an erotic view of—and access to—your buttocks.

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TURN AWAY from him to turn him (and yourself) on. Use this position to tease him slowly, control the pace, vary the movements of your pelvis, and contract your vaginal muscles around his penis. You have a not-to-be-missed opportunity to fondle his testicles. Hold them firmly as you gently rotate, bringing him to the point of orgasm. Meanwhile you enjoy the sensation of him touching your butt.

THIS POSITION offers the charms of rear-entry sex without engendering any possible feelings of female submissiveness. In this delicious role reversal, she has free reign to pleasure him as she sees fit. Another excellent feature of this position is the angle of penetration for its potential G-spot activation. In addition, your hands are free to tease and excite yourself or your lover to fever pitch. And it will give him a real thrill to watch your buttocks as you fuse together.

DESPITE THE FACT that these positions lack eye contact, they can be a source of deep, intimate sexual understanding. You can connect on a fundamental level with your lover by focusing on other senses, especially touch, and on the emotions aroused by your lovemaking.

BE VERY CAREFUL when you try this. Open his legs and place your feet between his thighs to allow deeper penetration. Lean forward to grasp his ankles for greater leverage. It’s good for preventing premature ejaculation because it generates less intense sensations than when he thrusts freely.

BY TURNING AWAY from him, you can give your rapt attention to the physical pleasure you’re experiencing—or perhaps conjure up imaginary lovers. He can let himself go because he’s not wholly responsible for your enjoyment. If you feel exposed on top, try blindfolding him. It’ll heighten his other senses and free you to complete abandonment, knowing you are not being watched.

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INTENSIFY YOUR levels of intimacy and get all the skin-on-skin contact you can by lying back against him. This leaves your hands free to touch yourself, and it also permits his hands to rove all over your arched form. He will adore being covered by your body and feeling you move against him. The extra contact communicates every spasm of pleasure. Could anything be better?

NOW YOU ARE FACING FORWARDS you can lean back, placing your hands between his legs to brace yourself. The full expansion of your lungs and the stretch in the lower part of the abdomen that this gives will increase sexual tension and heighten orgasm.

DROP DOWN to your elbows, using the angle to really push his penis against the front wall of your vagina while he massages your clitoris.

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