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The Crucifixion Position

Partners who like to explore their bodies’ limits will want to try this technique. The man will sit down on his feet, leaning backward and resting on his hands. The woman has her back to the man as she sits on his penis, her weight supported by his arms, her legs between his legs and supported by her toes. She can tilt her head backwards towards the man’s shoulders, and either the woman moves up and down or the man can also thrust upward during intercourse. This is a great core and arm workout for both partners, and is also highly erotic especially if the woman practices clenching her vagina to make it tighter and send the man to ecstasy.



The crucifixion is an advanced sex position, which targets the G-spot. The woman must have strong legs and arms to hold her self up in this squatting position where as the man can rest in this on.

The man must sit on his knees then lean back holding himself up with his arms. Once in this position the woman can put her feet in-between her partner’s legs and squat down sliding into the penis.

In this position the man can lick and kiss his partner’s back and neck. Talking dirty is recommended also.

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