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The G-Force Position

In the G-Force sex position, deep penetration is achieved in a unique way. It can be uncomfortable for the woman, but it’s also really hot!

The male partner kneels in front of the female partner who is on her back, with her knees together and drawn up towards her chest. He then lifts her hips up to meet his and enters her, with her feet either flat on his chest or in his hands. This interesting sex position can be used for either vaginal intercourse or anal sex, although it’s not a good position for anal sex beginners. If you’re just starting out with anal play, try another sex position first.

G-Force can be done on the bed, sofa, floor, or even the car if you’ve got a big enough back seat! Just remember that the G-Force can be rough on a woman’s neck and upper back, so make sure you keep her comfort in mind.

The G Force Position

The G Force Position

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