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How Women Think About Sex and What They Really Want

A woman’s brain works a mile a minute. She’s busy and on-the-go, sometimes rarely giving herself a moment to breathe. The way she lives her life has a lot to do with the way that she sees sex and expresses her sexuality. In general, women tend to express their sexuality differently from their male counterparts in the following ways:

Women Think About Sex

Women Think About Sex

It Begins In Her Mind 

She may not physically crave it as much as her lover does, but a woman does long for sex. She just has a very different way of showing it. Among the main reasons why women differ from men in this department has a lot to do with hormones, mainly the lower levels of testosterone that a woman has in her body. For the woman, sex begins in her mind. When she imagines herself together with her lover, fantasizing about the hot sex they have together, that’s what gets her engines going. 

The Longing to Be Desired 

When a woman feels desired, that’s when the sexual goddess within her comes alive. This depends on the woman, of course, since some tend to be a lot more visually stimulated than others. But when she sees an attractive man, the thought that will be running through her mind is whether he finds her sexually attractive or not. When she knows with certainty that the man craves her body and is hungry for her in that way, her imagination (sex begins in the mind after all) starts to run wild. The more she fantasizes about the two of them being together, the more aroused she starts to get as her brain begins to generate one sexy image and fantasy after another. 

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It’s Complicated

Well, sexually anyway. While most women do want sex and even love doing it with their partner, there’s a lot of other factors that come into play that could easily derail her desire. Tiredness is the most common factor, what with the busy and hectic lives that we lead. Other factors could include anything from anger, resentment, the trauma of any past experiences, physiological troubles that include physical pain. Even menopause affects their libido to a certain extent. Women are prone to multi-tasking, and it’s hard for her to put her brain on pause and come to bed willingly when she’s got a lot of other thoughts running in her mind. 

It Depends on the Context 

Nearly all men begin their first foray into the sexual world through masturbation. For a woman, a large portion of their sexual lives begins with their very first hook-up or serious relationship. The first time many women are touched intimately is when they’re with a partner. Women want to feel the pleasure of being touched by their lover in such an intimate manner, and this is a vulnerability in its rawest form. She may be reluctant to open her heart to her partner because she’s afraid of getting hurt, and this might cause her to withdraw physically from her significant other. Women need to feel safe on an emotional level, and this point cannot be emphasized enough. Therefore, it is important that she works together with her lover to co-create a context where she feels safe enough to let her defenses down and willing to expose her vulnerability. 

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Love Is an Aspect of It

Sex, to a woman, is part of the overall package. It is not the defining factor of a relationship. It is part of it. Having sex, being together as a couple, living together, sharing laughs together, celebrating special moments, managing responsibilities as a team, giving and receiving love and affection. It all comes together for her. Sex is one of the many ways she expresses her love for her partner. 

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