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Have Sex in the Shower

Having sex in the shower can be a lot of fun. Whether you engage in oral sex, mutual masturbation, or full-on sex, the shower provides a great space for it. You can being by enticing your partner to shower with you, and as you’re washing each other, just take the sensuality of that experience to the next level by washing and caressing your partners genitals.

Once you’ve started to turn each other on, you can go down on your partner so he or she can feel the dual sensation of your mouth and the water rushing over, or you can move right on to sex.

Have Sex in the Shower

Have Sex in the Shower

Positions can be a bit tricky in the shower, so those that involve a standing version or rear-entry positions, such as doggie style, often work the best.

If this idea turns you on at all, the next time you’re at the store, pick up some of those non-slip adhesives to stick to the bottom of the tub so you and your partner don’t break your neck while you’re having sex.

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