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8 Ways to Steam Up The Passion In a Relationship

There are so many couples who seem to lose out on the passion and fire once they have a kid. Granted, having a kid and becoming parents could be a very beautiful feeling, but this should be no reason for the two of you to forget to court each other. You should always have the passion alive and kicking in your relationship. If the two of you seem to be having a problem in this regard, we are here to help you out.

We are going to throw some light on important aspects that have to do with building the passion and staying forever in love and always having the hots for each other. You have to understand that the tips are generalized, and every couple is different. Some of our tips and tricks might not work with you because what suits one person might not be another one’s cup of tea. Regardless, the idea here is to get the hint and then do the magic accordingly.

So, let us get started with the important tips, tricks, and lessons that could have you lusting for your partner all over again.

Passionate Sex

Passionate Sex

Never Forget Date Nights

There is a reasonable date night has always been the trending topic of discussion. Whenever you both feel that the passion seems to be dwindling a little, try to recall the good times when you could barely keep your hands to each other.

Once a week, you should head out for a romantic date and arrange for a babysitter if you have a little kid to think of.

It is these little candid moments and candlelight dinner dates that help you relive the real romantic moments of your life. It is during these private little intimate moments that both of you are reminded of why you stuck together for so long and why you should continue doing that as well.

Don’t Forget The Special Dates

While we do believe that love doesn’t need a day to be celebrated, yet there is a significance for some of the big and small eventful days in our lives.

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Always mark your calendar for some special intimate time with your partner on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Similarly, your anniversary, each other’s birthday and even your first date anniversary could all be tiny milestones that call for celebration. When you put in an effort to celebrate these little moments, life is likely to keep popping many more of such eventful days for you.

Have Unplanned Sex

If you have always been making long plans before sex because come to think of it, it is the real world and when you have a kid to tackle, not all nights could be as steamy as you wanted; then it is time for some changes.

Do the necessary arrangements once in a while and even though sex might not be the clear thing on your mind, be open to the idea of it. Imagine the kind of feelings you are sure to catch when your partner hugs you all of a sudden and it gets all steamy and fiery and all of a sudden, you are back to being college heartthrobs and busy ogling each other’s bodies.

Surprised and unplanned sex is by far the best recipe to rekindling the flame of passion even in relationships that seem to be dying a little every day.

Sexy Nights

Once in a while, beat the road to the ordinary. Do not be afraid of springing different kinds of surprises. Think of the prime time of your life and what are the kinky things you both loved to do. Get her sexy revealing nightwear or alternately you could think of a foreplay session which you both would love.

Think out of the box and do something which will make the two of you remember the fire you had for each other. Often it is these surprisingly sexy things that you do which makes way for a steamy relationship.

Do Not Base Love On Age

Always remember that age is just a number. You do not need to worry about having steamy or even kinky sex even if you are on the wrong side of the fifties. The only concern is that both of you should be comfortable with it and then fall with the flow of your love and passion rather than going by the age or the regular norms.

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Be the one who doesn’t give one shit to what the norms have to say. In your bedroom, it is you and your partner and the bed which calls for some action.

So, do not be afraid to go against the norm and steam up some real good action in bed.

Be Experimental

The perfect recipe for kicking the passion back in a relationship is simply trying to experiment with new things. Never let sex feel like a routine or else it will kill the fun. Men tend to have a short attention span and he might start exploring other choices.

So, as a couple, you both should be willing to try new things, experiment with sex positions and maybe go out and grab sex toys for yourself. Every little change will give you something new to hold on to.

Take Vacations

When you have a kid on board, sometimes getting steamy sex sessions could be trouble. Handling a kid can be daunting especially if your child seems to be fussy. If you are barely getting any action at home because by the time you retire in bed, you are too busted; you both need to plan a getaway and have your kid at one of your parent’s home.

This is important because even though every parent loves their kids; every couple deserves some of the private time wherein they can court each other sans any care in the world. You don’t want to fall off the wrong track and end up forcing your child to live in a house bereft of love. So, do not let your inner parent tell you that you are neglecting the duty. Drop your child at a safe place and go out to court each other. Go to exotic places, get drunk, have sex, fall in love all over again. Often, it is these title refreshments that make a massive difference.

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Talk Her Out

Sometimes the real reason behind the lack of passion might be some major problem. This is why it is important that as a couple, you need to be transparent with each other. You should give each other time and if you feel that the zing has gone missing in your relation, you should discuss it. Do not let the elephant in the room knock the air out of your lungs.

Be brave and bring up the discussion. Ask what is bothering him/her and see if you can get to the root of the problem. Think of all the reasons why you are together in the first place and sort out the issues. Ideally, two people should only stay in a marriage if they love each other and if you feel that so is the case, be willing to embrace the goodness of each other.

Communicate, discuss, and try to come to a common ground regarding what is to be dome for the sake of rekindling the old flame.

So these are some of the best tips and tricks which can help you get a night of steamy sex and get the ball rolling. Call us what you will but we do believe often it is a night of steamy sex that helps us feel better about our relationship. Never let the trust waver because if you love your partner, give her every reason to stay with you.

Not everyone is blessed enough to be gifted a happy relationship. When you seem to be lucky to have got one, do all you can to preserve the passion, fire, and love! After all, who doesn’t loves to come back home and melt in the arms of their lover!

If your relationship seems to have fizzled out a little, first implement these tips and we are very confident that you might be grinning from ear to ear right now.

Good luck!

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