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Men Vs. Female Orgasm

For those who are a little curious, here is what you need to know as far as comparing and contrasting both the type of orgasms are concerned.

For beginners, we all know that female orgasms tend to last longer as compared to male orgasms. While males only experience orgasms for as much as 3 to 10 seconds, typically female orgasms tend to last for 20 seconds and even more.

Men Vs. Female Orgasm

Men Vs. Female Orgasm

This being said, men experience orgasms much more and quickly as compared to females. As much as 95% times during sex, males are known to climax and experience an orgasm. The percentage is pretty low for the ladies as they tend to orgasm only 69% of the time.

Apart from that, the physical and physiological changes which the body experiences at the onset of orgasm aren’t vastly different. Both occur when triggered or stimulated during sex.

So, now that you have a detailed overview of orgasm, the types and how to trigger them, we want you to imbibe this lesson in the bedroom and see how it goes.

An important point which we would like to add here is that do not take too much pressure about the whole thing. Sometimes the pressure to get her an orgasm is so much that you might not get an erection at all. Similarly, women who focus a lot on whether or not they will orgasm lose out on the fun of the whole sexual ride.

So, the key to achieving the best orgasms is to let yourself lose in the moment and let the passion and heat consume you in its entirety. It is likely to culminate in a very passionate orgasm.

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