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Give Your Partner a Lap Dance

An excellent way to start an intimate session with your partner is by giving a lap dance. During this, you’ll be teasing your partner by seductively rubbing your body over your partner. Begin by asking your partner to place his or her hands at the sides, and let your partner know that under no circumstances, no matter how much your partner is turned on, is he or she allowed to touch you. Only you can do the touching. This rule helps to build great sexual tension.

Give Your Partner a Lap Dance

Give Your Partner a Lap Dance

How to give your partner a lap dance?

  1. Start by dancing in front of your lover; come into close contact but don’t touch your partner quite yet.
  2. When you feel your lover is enticed, start brushing up against your partner with your naked, or nearly naked, body.
  3. Tease your lover by going close to your partner’s genitals and then backing away again.
  4. Then try straddling your partner, continuing to tease and gyrate against your lover’s clothed penis or vagina.

It may take a few songs to get your lover sufficiently hot and bothered, but soon enough your lover will be unable to resist and will have to touch you.

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